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How do these dentures look on me. I hate the poofyness on my top lip area. Why do they look poofy. Do I need to take them back in to make it thinner? And my dentured are not straight. Just got these yesterday. Do they start looking natural?

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I think they look great. If you got them your gums will shrink more and they'll start fitting better. Mine did.
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I found when I got my uppers pulled an got the upper dentures that day that they were fine for about 8 months, then my gums shrunk. I had dentures that were way to big for my mouth. My dentist then tells me that they were only temp and I need a new upper. I've worn them for 5 yrs like this until they were broken while in the hospital. Now the hospital is paying for a new upper but they fit wrong and look terrible. I'm making an appt after the 7th to get this taken care if, they refuse um calling the hospital stopping them from paying an goibg to a different dentist inn another town even if I have to drive 100 miles round trip..
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Good for you. Remind them that losing a contract with a Hospital really looks bad.
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Roseheb, you got a beautiful lip.  You got what every woman seeks - the prominent lips.  Besides, when you are older and get some wrinkles around the upper lip...you'll be happy to see it smoother because of this "puffiness".  If they fit properly and function well, don't take them back because each time they work on it there may be something else modified by chance, which may make it not fit properly.  Enjoy them!!!  :)
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I’m confused lol I’m roseheb hehe
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Temporary dentures are always too Big. The prosthedontist Should have told you that this Set is temporary. About 6 to 8 months after extractions is when you want to Start getting your permanents made. You will love them so much more. However If this is not your temporary then you need to figure out how to get them made properly and if They cannot get them comfortable for you then you may have to shop around for somebody who is better. A cosmetic denture is what you will be looking for in order to keep the esthetics of your face. I am also unsure of what the state of your teeth were before you have them pulled out. It could also be that you are not used to having that era of your lip filled them correctly due to Dental issues. You look great but if you don't feel comfortable then you need to make sure that you are happy with your finished product because this is a huge investment As well as a prosthetic device that is supposed to a sensually be an extension of your body.
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You have nice smile. If you had your teeth removed recently, then with the dentures in, they may feel puffy. With them out you may not notice it as much. It does take a bit of time for everything to fall into place. And since you just got them you may be more aware of them since you feel them. To me I honestly think they look great. The dentist or the tech in office, will be making adjustments as your gums heal. I suppose they explained that.
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They will shrink and you look great. Ur gums are sore right now. Give it time. It’ll heal.
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Your new teeth look fabulous! Don't forget, other people don't dwell on what we look like and aren't as critical of what our new teeth look like as we are. It's natural to be self-conscious. I am too. Also, if you think about it, until you were told you needed dentures, how often did you focus on other people's teeth? Mine were starting to look bad, so I noticed people with perfect teeth and envied them. As I was dealing with the prospect of dentures, I would look at people with awesome teeth and wondered if they were real (especially older people), but I couldn't tell one way or the other. Young people with perfect teeth assume yours are real because dentures aren't on their radar. We're the lucky ones who could afford to do something about it. I work with two people whose teeth are in serious trouble and I feel so bad for them. Yes, dentures suck, but not as bad as noticeably bad teeth. I'm only five days past my extractions and it's quite an adjustment. Yes, it's depressing, but I was out of options. My close friends have been very supportive and don't know that I had full extractions. I just told them I was starting a restoration process. No one needs to know that you have dentures unless you tell them. My boyfriend is the only one who knows the whole story. Everyone else assumes veneers, bridges, implants, etc., which apparently come with less of a stigma than dentures. I work with a lady who has partials with all the silver wires that scream I have dental issues! I never really noticed until I faced the prospect of dentures. She's in her late 30s and very pretty. I confided in her that I was facing something similar and she told me how she lost everything during the recession of 2010 and couldn't afford to do anything about her teeth. That's what happened  to me too so we formed a bond! When she saw my new teeth she was envious that I didn't have the silver wires that come with partials, lol. When I went into detail about the sore spots and slippage she felt better about her situation. I'm learning to smile again, which is worth so much! Hang in, yours look beautiful! 
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My midline looks just like yours! They sit a little to the left. Not terribly, and not enough for anyone but me to notice (I only see it on you because it's pointed out). I'm only at 1 week today, so I know I'm still swollen and not settled yet. But I do understand how you feel. If I can't get these centered on top I'm going to make damn sure my permanents are. 

Your smile is beautiful. :-)
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Are those your permanents ? my top lip was the same way with my temps, my perms are much thinner and I don't have the puffiness , .In any case they do look great and you have a wonderful smile.
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I have been really hoping my perms are better did you get the really expensive ones because your smile looks great.
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Hi kristin
How much are your permanent dentures
 going  to cost and how much are the "expensive dentures???
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I went through my dental insurances I paid $1,350.00 for upper and bottom dentures 6 months ago every dental offices is different that was with insurances.

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I paid right at 800 for uppers including a temp I went thru a dentures place (not affordable dentures) that offered three options the other two were more expensive
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Hi  kristin
That sounds good $800?
Uppers usually works  out much better  then lower dentures