how do i get white dentures i have had mine for 25 years i soke them but i want the teeth them selfs white again

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I think the StainAway Plus Professional works much better than tablets. I've been using it for years now. You could try it. They sell it on Amazon and probably lots of other places too. I first bought mine in Walmart but now have been ordering it through Amazon. 

This is what it says about it:
  • Whitens and brightens dentures like new
  • Comes upto 80 cleanings
  • 380% more effective than tablets
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My husband is a heavy smoker and his dentures always looked bad.  I got him the Smokers Polident and oh my gosh, even the pink of that denture was again pink, his teeth were white again and can't beleive how good they look now.  Its like magic
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Same dentures for 25 years, that is impressive.
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 Just a quick note to make sure that you know that it isn’t advisable to try to “whiten” your dentures the way you might with natural teeth, as they are made of plastic and will not “whiten” in the same way. However, in order to minimize staining, be sure to properly clean your dentures every day to remove food deposits and plaque. Brushing will help prevent dentures from becoming permanently stained and will keep your mouth healthy. A toothbrush with soft bristles, such as an Oral-B toothbrush, also may be used. Avoid using hard-bristled brushes, which can damage your dentures by scratching the acrylic plastic and making the teeth dull and less shiny.

The first step in cleaning dentures is to rinse away loose food particles thoroughly. Moisten the brush and apply denture cleanser. Brush every surface, scrubbing gently to avoid damage. Also, your dentures may be soaked in denture-cleansing solution that is available over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. Make sure to follow the directions on the cleanser packaging closely. If your dentures have a soft lining layer on the inner surface of the denture, you may not be able to use these denture-cleansing solutions.

More stubborn stains may require removal by your dentist or prosthodontist, a specialist in denture care and maintenance. To locate a prosthodontist near you, visit
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Which product holds the denture in the most secure????  I am going to have to buy all of these before getting dentures in the next three weeks,
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FIxodent or Secure. The Polident powder also seems to work fairly well.
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I absolutely L O V E Fixodent powder! You can use it 2 weeks after extractions. and  be sure to buy benzodent from amazon. it is a lifesaver!
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Judy- I am almost in the same boat, but cos I am a heavy coffee drinker
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Hi mirabu, Unfortunately you can't whiten denture teeth. They come in a shade when you get them. As far as the stain you can soak them yourself and also once in a while maybe you can go for a check up and have them pumiced and polished with stronger equipment where you got them made. Hope this helps.