How do i keep my dentures white

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I want to keep my dentures white
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Posted 3 years ago

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I told my denitst that I wanted to keep my permanent pair white, so I was not going to wear them, accept for special occasions. He wanted to know why so I told him and he told me to wash mine with Dawn dish soap all the time.
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I've never heard the one about the Dawn dish soap before, but it sure wouldn't hurt to try. You can buy a product called StainAway which I think works better than the tablets. You have to make sure you rinse your dentures really good after using. It's available at most drug stores, Walmart, Amazon.
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Yes That is excellent also, but I did earn it did not remove some discoloring that came with the sauce they add on Mongolian food. I took this up with a dentist and they did make a note of this one sauce, taht they use on the grill, as being one stain they were not abele to remove , without sending it to the lab again. Stainzaway is a good product! I trsvrl 400 miles to go to my dentist. I have looked for a good dentist for 4 years and last year found one that was amazing. No pain what so ever after all of the extractions, no pain meds needed but was told to take them as a precautionary meassure and only had a reaction to the glue or paste to hold the palets in. I was then advised not to use them anymore, due to having some internal beeding from using it. As long as i do not use them I am good. No more vitamin K to clot the bleeding.
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My dentist told me to forget all the denture cleaners like Efferdent out there and just clean my dentures nightly with toothpaste and a toothbrush like you would with natural teeth.  It has been working great.  I will occasionally soak them with Efferdent for an hour or so when the adhesive is too much of a pain to get out of some of the little crannies just to clean off the tiny spots of adhesive, but the toothpaste approach has worked well so far.

Of course, some things can color them, like smoking or drinking a lot of coffee. (I smoke.)

But, I've had my dentures since early July and they look just as good today as the day I got them.

My dentist told me that, with a smoker like me, no product will completely negate the staining effects, but that if it becomes a problem, he can help whiten them.

He told me he had seen some patients soak their dentures in bleach water.  That is a VERY bad idea because it will damage the acrylic and will also whiten the pink "gum" acrylic.

I've never tried the Dawn approach.  I may have to give that a try also.
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Anthony, whatever you do DON'T use regular toothpaste because it will scratch your dentures.
It's way too abrasive. 
Use Fresh 'n Brite (which can be purchased at Wal Mart) that is a denture toothpaste that removes stains. A pea sized amount is all you need. One for top and one for the bottom denture.

I also use Smoker's Polident as a nightly soak.

I would recommend Stain Away for  a weekly whitening soak. If you have partials you can only soak them for 20 minutes in Stain Away. I don't, so I soak them in it overnight.(once a week).

My dentures are as white as they were when I first got them.

Also, if you plan on not wearing your dentures (like at night) then I would use blue dawn dish soap to clean your dentures. This will save money on the Fresh 'n Brite. If you plan on wearing them immediately Then I recommend using the Fresh 'n Brite. Blue Dawn dish soap tastes horrible!!

Good luck to you Anthony!
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Are dentures dishwasher safe?
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Once you have dentures, it’s important to keep them clean (especially after meals and if you have coffee, tea, wine). You should also use a straw when you drink eg coffee, tea or carbonated drinks, avoid smoking and eat lots of fruits (apples, celery) that naturally cleanse your dentures. To sum up - lead yr lifestyle as healthy as possible and y will keep yr smile white :)