How do you get Fixodent off an upper palate?..besides spending 15 minutes scraping it out....and as a Nurse..,Elders certainly can't do

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How to remove the stuff from your palate after taking dentures out?...especially relevant for Nurses who look after Elderly patients?..Thank you.....

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Posted 7 months ago

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It disolves in water so I rinse my mouth with warm water a couple of times and it usually does the trick. If I need some extra help I use a Clean It wipe. Frankly, I find most of the goop is on the denture when I take it out and it rinses easily then I soak it overnight.
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Just soak it and then scrub it off with a toothbrush. 
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As someone else mentioned, hot/warm liquid seems to help “melt” or “dissolve” the glue. By the time I remove my denture at night it typically comes out with ease from drinking tea and coffee during the day. As for removing the glue from the denture palate; I run it under warm water and scratch it off with the denture brush. It just comes straight off for me.

I would suggest one has the elderly patient rinse with (comfortably) warm water prior to removing the denture and then brush it off the denture under warm running water.
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To remove the adhesive from my top palate, before I rinse, I use 1 -2 dry paper towel in my mouth several times to remove the adhesive. Then I dilute least expensive mouth wash I can find half & half with water in a small disposable cup. Rinse & spit over & over maybe 6 times. It still doesn't get it all off, but most of it. I also use a soft tooth brush & tooth paste on my gums & tongue & rinse with water. It takes a while, but I can't stand that gooey taste in my mouth.  
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I have and still do try the paper towel and wipe the adhesive from my gums and roof of my mouth.  But, sometimes that just doesn't get the job done.  Then I get more serious and use a dry terry cloth washcloth or hand towel.  The terry cloth seems to attach itself to the adhesive better than a paper towel.
It is easy to pick out the adhesive from the wash towel with a paper towel after words.  If you don't manage to remove all of the Fixodent from the wash cloth it's not a big deal.  Since Fixodent as are most adhesives are not waterproof and will melt away in the laundry when being washed.