How I remove denture adhesive from gums and pallet (I use Secure but this can work for others)

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I see this question A LOT on this forum so I will start a brand new thread on the method I use to remove Secure or other "Cream" Type adhesives from my gums and pallet.  First, if you use only powder, you generally don't have this issue as it pretty much dissolves by the end of the day.

Some have suggested hot beverages like tea, but I like to use either of the following two products, although disposable paper towels are an option too:

1.  Clean It Denture Wipes (essentially mini-paper towels - not like Wet Naps).  These seem expensive to me and I use them only "on the go", on vacation or for a quick cleanup.  

2.  Microfiber Towels/Cloths from Home Depot, Amazon or anywhere really.

At 18 or 24 for $8.97, these are both cheap and effective.  I rewash separately in Hot Water and don't use Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softener.  This is obviously the "Greener" option.  They also work great in my experience.  In addition, I use them to wipe any residual adhesive from my dentures and to dry them after their daily bath with cleaning tabs.   The link above is for the Orange/Gray HDX ones as my wife uses the Blue ones for dusting and other household purposes.  The color coding system works very well for us.  Anything other than Blue is for Dentures in our house.

Find what works best for YOU as with anything denture related.

I hope you find this tip helpful and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
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