How do I reach corporate office for Affordable Dentures?

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My dentures must have been made by a child in kindergarten. The wax try in were much better than the finished product and even they were too long in my mouth. I advised the assistant of this fact as well as the dentist. I am very unhappy with a product that I can not use toothpaste or denture cream on and must soak in bleach and then put in my mouth.
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Diana H. Fowler

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Posted 5 years ago

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Why soak in bleach?? Be careful! That just doesn't sound safe.
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No do not soak in bleach. Soak overnight in vinegar. I used to work there.
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I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your dentures, Diana. I definitely would not recommend soaking your dentures in bleach. Many dentists will do several adjustments in the beginning to help improve the denture fit and alleviate any sore spots.

Have you been able to go in for another adjustment? If so, that might help a little. I'd also suggest checking their corporate website for contact information, as we're not affiliated with them. Hang in there!
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Nancy Grissett

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I have been trying to get a full refund for over a yr. I cant even use my dentures. I went to get my lowers fixed and the lady doing the work dropped them on the floor and broke tbem in haft. She brought tbem to the back and they glued them back together. To me that is not any way to treat someone who pain 475.00 for a full set and I cant even eat with them. Something really needs to be done about this company.

N. Grissett, Panama city. Fl.
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i went to the one in my town they gave me a quote of 12,000.00 for extractions and dentures. when the corperate called me and ask me how did it go. so i told them they were out there minds if i was going to pay that kind of money. so i found a dentist who was opening another denture office and he got me down to 3080.00 for everything including dentures. the down side with him was he didn't give a lot literature on being a new denture wearer. when i have a question i just call them. 
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I know exactly how you feel. I have had dentures since my Sr. year in high school which was 1980/81.  I went to Affordable Dentures in Rhode Island and had a new pair made this past September. I live in Missouri and we were there for work. Needless to say I tried to tell them that there was an issue when I was there and even went back and said the very same thing. Knowing that I wasn't going to be able to come back within the time I had to get them fixed or redone...they pretty much ignored me and said it was because I wasn't used to them.  Well there is tiny holes on the inside of the bottom plate that has caused sores in my mouth and they are also too wide on one side which causes too much food of every kind to get under. They also feel like a thick coating of slimey paste is over all of them. I tried to call and get some kind of help with this problem and as you can guess I didn't get anywhere.  $1600. for these so called dentures is a joke.
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I have the same problem affordable denture that I went to said there was nothing the could do for me they grounded them so much you can see the teeth. I went somewhere else and they did a soft reline and it worked great I will have to get another soft reline when these fall out which could be 6 months or longer.
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Jack Burris have you filed a formal complaint with Affordable Dentures?  Have they responded to your complaint?  
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Never heard of using bleach, but I've heard of anti-bacterial soap or dishwashing liquid.
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My dentist told me to never use bleach on my denture
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Actually per Affordable Dentures paper that they send home with you for care of your dentures it says under care of dentures that if you don't use a store cleaner that you can use a diluted bleach solution ( 1teaspoon bleach to 10ozs. water).

As for how badly they are made I can understand, I am going through that somewhat right now with my immediate dentures. I sure hope my future pair are not this ill fitting in less than a week. I understand you have changes in your mouth but mine were way too tall to begin with and caused immediate erosion on my gum. I just discovered a product called Cushion Grip at CVS thanks to other people on here suggesting it and about to try it for the first time, maybe something like that would give you some help as well.
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gailjezik1 .

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Never used cushion grip I have used EZO denture cushions they work good I haven't been able to find them except online.
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This kind of scares me. I have the temporary denture they sent me home in. They have been relined about 4 times and will have to be again this week. I will get the good dentures about 4 months from now, if I can wait that long and I paid for the best they have. The temp denture looks horrible to me, after what I read I'm afraid the new ones will be too
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I will say my final set of dentures were much better than the temps. However, after paying nearly $11,000 for my teeth, I'm still not happy.
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Toni Fisher

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I have just come back from my second fitting for my ultra dentures. In the wax they look really nice and I am hoping they look that good when they are finished. The problem I had was with affordable dentures was the dental hygienist and one of the office girls. It is humiliating enough to lose your teeth but to get jacked about was terrible. On the day of my surgery I complained about a piece of bone sticking out hurting me.. she told me to just be quiet it was because the medication was wearing off. When I went back a week later they told me I had to give it 10 months to a year and they made a small adjustment that made it bearable with fixodent. So after 11 months using a small amount of fixodent as a cushion I go back to the dentist to get my permanent teeth. I ended up needing dental surgery to file down the bone. So the long and the short of it.. I am a life long fixodent customer. So just 5 days shy of 13 months I will get my denture and be done with those people. I just wished they would have let me see the dentist when I ask. 
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Sounds abit firmilliar. Would have been more comforting if you heard it from the dentiat instead of the hygenist. Seems to make things harder to deal with when you have a hygenist who acts like they are the only person who knows it all, regardless of what your telling them.
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Toni, that sounds like a terrible experience and we are so sorry that you have had to go through that for so long. We hope that you will finally be pain free. You deserve it!
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I've seen posts where people have had great results with Affordable Dentures and then those like this one where the experience was horrible. I suppose it's really a matter of the staff that works at any specific location.

I was considering Affordable Dentures because they have one about 30 miles from where I live, but I am very happy that I went with a local dental practice instead. My main dentist is awesome (I did see one of the other 5 dentists one time for an adjustment and he was awesome too), and every office worker, dental assistant, hygienist that I have seen at the three (of five) locations I've gone to have been great. I have not had one bad experience with them and I've spent quite a bit of time there since September!
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Issues with Affordable Dentures of Springfield, OR.  Practice owner Dr. Michael D. Harris. Wife made first appt. Aug. 2015 and $2075 tendered via Visa CC.  Dr. Harris assured her he could make a second pair of dentures as a back up for her original pair (not made by Dr. Harris).  Jump forward seven appointments (400 mile round trip drive each trip) to Feb. 2016. Dr. Harris called Mrs Morrison and told her he could not do what he promised and would not be her dentist anymore.  He apologized and said she would not be charged for the work done and would receive a refund in full.  Now, Mar 2016, Tanya (receptionist) called Mrs Morrison and said that the office manager had decided to refund us $200.  Mrs Morrison asked to speak to the office manager or better yet the practice owner, Dr Harris.  That's where we are at now.  Dentist bailed on us, still don't have a second set of usable dentures, out $2075, insult of $200 refund offered us.  Preparing for an easy stroll through civil court if necessary.  Lawyer is on retainer.  
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Alex, Official Rep

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Karl, we are sorry to hear what has happened to your wife. I can understand you both being upset. We will have to remove the phone number and request to contact them. This forum isn't designed to be used to "wage a war" against a company by having our members call that have not done business with them. We are glad you are here and hope you can find some healing and friends here. Thanks.
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Affordable Dentures in Daytona Beach is horrible. Everything was fine and dandy until after they got my money and then the black girl told me that it wasn't their fault that I didn't take care of my teeth she embarrassed me she humiliated me and she degraded me in front of everyone. she then told me Permanent ones were made from initial impression before teeth are pulled. It made no sense because naturally then the permanent ones will not Fit. they will not let me know how much they are refunding my Care Credit. I have a bone sticking out of everywhere in my mouth now. The doctor should have spoke to me instead of just discharging me to find out what the problem was. don't ever use Affordable Dentures in Daytona Beach because the black girl who works in there has a chip on her shoulder and doctors do not care. all I want is my teeth and I got discharged for no reason. I had been explaining how the bottom gums had so much bone poking out that the bottom denture was unable to be pasted or glued on. Evidently the new girl did not have an answer so this person who does not need to work with people came in and humiliated me. Their motto is supposed to be no judgement we will not shame you we just want to help you with your teeth. That is a lie. now they won't let me know how much they're going to refund CareCredit after they've got my $6,300 and all I have is top denture that I can wear and a bottom one with bone sticking out everywhere. I know bone will be sticking out but you have to make the Denture at least where you can wear them. The doctor did not ask me what it happened, just d/c me. She hurt me about the equivalent of me calling her the n-word. Which I would never in a million years say anything so hurtful to someone. Evidently she has no morals and does not care about hurting people. I will pray for her but I want my money back or my teeth. I think the sign they have posted that grumpy people there will be a $10 surcharge needs to be applied to their staff also. I also have a witness who heard her being rude to me the very day I went in to have my Teeth pulled. and now they're charging me for liners that are supposed to be part of the initial procedure for 60 days. Do not trust these people at all. or know a good attorney. on my last visit with them, I ask the doctor how they make the permanent one. He said that they make an impression after all of the swelling is gone and then they make the permanent ones. That was totally opposite of what the girl with the chip on her shoulder told me and what he said made better sense. It would have behooved him to ask me what it happened before discharging me.
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i have refered many people tp affordable dentures in Valdosta, I thought at first it was great.. not now almost a year and can not a full meal with them in. had them relined which did not help. I will never send anyone your way again
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Sounds just like them
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Rhonda Perry

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I went to affordable denturesin Bowling Green Ky the outcome with horrible I went everyday for 8 days. Evidently the lab techs are not qualified to make anything I wouldn't want them playing with playdough .They had ripped the layer of skin off my gums which set up infection .I paid them in cash and had to go to another dentists that has put me on antibocs. When you first go in the staff was friendly that changed immediately when they were told the dentures were well below substandard.why couldn't they refund my cash that's how they were paid.N
Then tell me Corporate has to mail me a check ..I think they should have to pay me for the damagedid to my mouth along with the .money I gave them ..I want a refund by Friday no later I have to pay the other dentist from your company's care.I guess you all need to wire me my money ASAP
Thank you
Rhonda Perry
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Ken Stauder

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So this was 4 years ago,
1 =  USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-252-527-6121 (google search)
2 = I hope you are much better now, did you have to go else where?
After looking up this company I am seeing nothing but dissatisfied clients and a 1.5 out of 5 star review, 350 complaints with  !!
I am so hopeful this company gets their chit together or dissipates!
I feel good with my experience so far with another chain dentistry company (Aspen Dental), and hope things do not change with them.
3 = If you are going to get dentures and have not yet, look to yelp, look to BBB, and, or just google the name of the company and the word reviews. Educate yourself as good as possible, remember there are lots of folks that just want your money, find someone you like and feel the compassion from.
4 = It's your money, your life, step up this is a big deal.
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Lacie McCormick

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I went to affordable dentures about 2 yrs ago and got my first set, i bought a new denture wearer package. Well i made my appointment to get my permanent set this may and had to reachedule do to kids school functions well my next appointment was may 31 and the night before my 10yr old son tried to kill himself so i missed my appointment. I called at 8 o'clock the next morning trying to tell them what happened and this woman would not let me speak to the dr she told me my childs life meant nothing to her and it didnt matter if he lived or died, i missed my appointment so they werent gonna honor my package because of my neglagence!!! She told me my son trying to commit suicide was my neglagence! So i drove there hoping i could speak with the dr to explain why i missed, she told me she wasnt letting me speak to him and wasnt even going to tell him i was there wanting to speak to him. I have called the corporate office and the legal team for affordable dentures. NO ONE SHOULD BE TREATED THAT WAY OR SPOKE TO THAT WAY WHEN THEY'RE ALREADY GOING THROUGH SOMETHING AS PAINFUL AS I WAS AND STILL AM! This woman even had the nerve to call me a BITCH and tell me if i did not leave she was calling the police on me.
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My experience was so bad I got my money back and ended up not getting any new dentures. I will be paying more elsewhere so I can get a quality product. Saying they were made by a kindergartener would be an insult to children.
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I did a lot of homework when I finally figured out I needed to just have my remaining teeth pulled and get dentures.  I read the reviews on Affordable and took a hard pass. I "interviewed" 3 different offices and ended up back at the first one.  They were very, very, very nice and compassionate.  When I contacted them after the other two didn't pan out, I was up front on the fact that I really wanted to use them but could not afford them as I only had X to spend.  They reduced their price.  While I am having issues with my temps (gum shrinkage = dentures pop loose when trying to eat) I am more than pleased with the service so far.  After a month and a week in, it's time to go back for my second soft relign.