how do you get adhesive off gums?

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i just got dentures in today and used the fixodent adhesive and wondering what is the easiest way to get it off my gums when i have to use it
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Posted 6 years ago

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Jessica -
I'm brand new to this site, and I really don't know first hand...but, I was told by the
Nurse/Dental/Denture Makers Assistant to swish with WARM (not Hot) salt water
and brush your gums with a soft toothbrush.
I was also told not to use adhesive for the first month. I can't believe all of what
I've read as far as the number of people who were given their dentures the same
day their teeth were extracted.
Talk about REAL PAIN!! (Now I feel like a real wimp)!
More about my experience at another time.
You may also want to use a Gauze Pad rinsed with Warm water. That's supposed
to work well, too.
Good luck. Let me know if these tips help or not...I may be asking for help soon.
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I got my dentures same day as tge last of my teeth were pulled six of tgem.that pain was ok ita juat where tgey rub ob the bone at the bottom that hurt.its been almost three weeks m ow sinfe I got them.learning how to eat is the bigger trouble
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thank you i will try that and i will let you know. my dentist said it was ok to use the adhesive. i had been without teeth since july to yesterday. except about six in front on bottom so it feels more sucure with adhesive till i get used to them.
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I'm glad you tried Fixodent! To remove residue, rinse your mouth with very warm water and brush your gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush and regular toothpaste. If any residue remains after this, you can gently rub it away with a cloth or piece of gauze dampened with a small amount of cooking oil. Hope this helps!
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One trick that I have tried and had success with is to gargle and swish my mouth with Listerine beforehand. I mean really swish it around the upper denture plate. It will loosen up quickly. And one of the nicest things about Fixodent when you do it that way, is that the Fixodent stays in the denture plate and not on your gums.
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Good to hear I will try it, the warm salt water helps after I have found. Thanks!
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Try drinking a nice cup of warm or hot coffee/tea or anything carbonated, It sometimes helps to just eat something really soft like bread or cake.
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If you are still having trouble getting the adhesive off your gums and inside your mouth you may want to try rinsing your mouth with hot water (only as hot as is comfortable) and gently brush your gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush and regular toothpaste. Alternatively try to gently rub away the remaining adhesive with a damp cloth or gauze and a small amount of cooking oil.

You can also rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. We don't recommend picking the residue because it could irritate your mouth and gums. You also may want to experiment to see what amount of product is best for you. Thx!