I am 9 days post total extractions.

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I am 9 days post total extractions and immediate uppers and lowers. Most of the swelling has gone down but I have a "monkey mouth". Everyone keeps tellin me to wait and it will get better. I hate the way I look and not one person has told me my teeth look better. I don't know what to do.
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Hi there,..from my previous experience with multiple extractions it takes a good 7-14 days for the swelling to diminish,..its an entire adjustment.  I am upcoming final extractions of the last 4 to be removed at first of June I have not had partial or upper yet that will be forthcoming also but I remember family member going thru the same as each day progressed so did the facial muscles change once swelling diminished,..keep the faith..hope this helps.
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Monkey mouth is common in the beginning. I looked more like snake woman.

And no one has probably said you're teeth look better cause they look so natural and no one I know would offer up the information unless I outright asked what they thought.

Along the lines of hey, I got all my crooked teeth removed, don't I look gorgeous? :)

Cheer up, it does get better. Just takes time and patience.
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Thank you both for your replies.  Just hate going out in public looking the way I look now. 
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Please try to hang in there it will get better soon. This all takes a lot of patience doesn't it?!
People out there won't notice. You are not used to the dentures being in your mouth yet and also all of a Sutton there are a lot of teeth in your mouth where there were missing teeth before.
I think that monkey face seems way worst to us than how other people see us. Try taking a picture of yourself I can almost guarantee you that you will be positively surprised.
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No one notices. You do. My grandmother used to say, you can't be embarrassed if you don't know the people around you.

Honestly part of it is you feel like your lip is pushed out and it's because you have a denture which is thick between the gum and lip. And you're swollen. It will get better. The swelling goes down. The immediate dentures are thicker than you're permanent will be.

Trust me. No one sees it, you do and it gets better...
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Totally normal reaction - I was terrified of my reflection for days after my surgery for the same reasons.  It gets SO much better.
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17 days with no adjustments yet.  I don't have much of a monkey mouth,  
I have permanent denture.  Is there going to be changes once I have a reline, or can the dentist trimming outer denture rectify and avid the monkey syndrome.  I have to use a little adhesive to feel secure when taking to people, Please advise.