I dont know what will happen if I can't remove them overnight as dentist told me to. Plz help w/ any info you can. Thank you kindly, Jaye

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I had last 7 upper teeth pulled and immediate temp full upper partial in ,3 days ago. I went from oral surgeon to my dentist for look and see fit. The next day reg dentist removed,cleaned my gums and made a few minor adjustments to denture. ie.bad rubbing on back sides of gum line. Then she asked me to remove and dentures back in myself. My hands seemed too lg and I couldnt get them back in. Also trying to place back gum line back over my gums,was so painful I was in tears,and she helped me get the dentures back in..She asked me to remove them that night and soak them,,,,,,and initially wanted me to remove and replace them after each time I ate anything. I could not bear the pain,and could not get them OUT !! I found this site,thank you in advance and read up on how to remove them,. With so much pain,I barely got my salt water rinse in,and struggled to get them back IN OVER BACK of my gums. I am not going back to dentist till Friday,Jan ? after New Yr,and am not able to get them out,but have been able to break the seal at front and roof of my mouth,so I have been rinsing w/ salt water,warm then cold to help before reseating them back in place. I am on antibiotics,and mild prescribed pain meds,,but I dont know what will happen if I cannot remove them overnight as dentist told me to. Please help w/ any info you can. Thank you kindly, Jaye,
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  • so much fear

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Hi Jaye! First off HAPPY NEW YEAR! This my first time for dentures. I got a full extraction on top and full dentures within a week from each other final look happened on 12/12/2016. I had 2 adjustments now they feel fine. You may not be able to take them out because your gums are still swollen. Continue with the warm salt water rinses. It will subside in a couple of days to a week. Frustration is normal but don't get discouraged. HAPPY SMILING! :)
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For me the warm water gargles losen them up. I press on the front teeth until i feel them loosen on the roof of my mouth then i pull them down. For me, the warmer the water the better. GOOD LUCK.
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Are you using any kind of adhesive on your dentures? i.e creams, strips, or powder? If you are I had the same problem getting my upper ones to come out. And my lowers wouldn't stay in. I thought I was going to pull my stitches out even with the powder adhesive. What helped for me was using as hot of water without burning the inside of your mouth and slowly swish the water around in your mouth, don't swish to hard or you might end up with a dry socket. That should loosen up the adhesive in your mouth. Also I would try drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee, whatever you enjoy. That should help loosen the adhesive. Also maybe try using less the next time you put them in. I have had my top dentures now for a little more than 2 months, and my bottom ones for 22 days. The first time I used a cream adhesive I pulled it out and I actually bled a little :( and I freaked out. Also on my bottom dentures like 4 days into having them my stitches came out in the front. It was weird and awkward for a few days.
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Hi Jaye. I never had an immediate I just went for three months with no top teeth and then I got my denture and I did need to use Adhesive,. However from what I've read on this board over the last year after you get your teeth pulled out and given an immediate you should not be using adhesive you have to wait until your gums heal at least a little bit or you are going to wind up pulling stitches out bleeding and possibly a dry socket which is very painful.
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Hi Jaye
From what you've written, it sounds like it's pain that's preventing you from getting them in and out.
I had my final 12 extractions with immediate full upper & lower dentures on 16/12/2016.
I'm still dealing with a lot of pain and over Christmas was in tears when I simply couldn't get them in due to pain.
What saved me was anaesthetic gel placed directly on the gums (the one I use is called Medigel - found in first aid aisle in chemist). It's safe for use with denture pain. My dental specialist was quite happy for me to use it. It doesn't unfortunately totally numb the gums, but it does make it possible for me to get them in.
I've also found another gel - Diflam - that is similar but has an anti inflammatory effect as well.
I'm in Australia so I don't know if these particular oral gels are available everywhere but I'm sure if you ask a good pharmacist, they'll be able to help you.
I hope this helps you Jaye. I certainly feel your pain!
My dentist said that unfortunately gum pain is almost always present in the first few months even with regular adjustments. The dentist fixes one spot that's rubbing, then another spot will rub.
Apparently it will eventually get better (fingers crossed!) as long as you persist in wearing them.
Best of luck to you Jaye