I have a decision of doing either full dentures or dental implants with dentures and doing snap-on or regular dentures. Which is better?

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Hi I'm 35 years old and am in the process of having my teeth pulled for full denture but I have a decision of doing either full dentures or dental implants with dentures.. I'm trying to find out which kind of dentures like snap-on or etc. Please help? 
Also might have to go 5 months without teeth in order to do this covered by Insurance, have any of you done that???
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At your age, I would recommend implants, even if it takes you 20 years to pay for them.  Dentures don't even come close to feeling or performing like real teeth.  It's also very shocking to see yourself with the dentures out.
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I wish I never got mine...Dentures are horrible. If you can afford them get the implants. I have had 2 sets, they never fit right, have to use goopy adhesive and now wrinkles from sunkin jaw..Dont do dentures unless you have to
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I am getting the full denture with implants on the bottom, but just dentures on the top. So far, the experience has been pretty horrible. I have lost 20 pounds in the past 25 days, because I still can't eat any solid food. There is no chewing, because the dentures simply float in my mouth when I attempt to eat or even drink. No adhesive works, period. Seabond sticks to the dentures, but not my gums nor roof of my mouth. Fixodent sticks to my gums and roof of my mouth, but doesn't stick to the denture. Polygrip sticks to nothing...lol. Basically I am drinking I suppose until I am actually able to use the implants in 3 months, provided I am still alive. This has been a totally miserable experience, nothing I can say positive about it - except I guess it was good to lose a little weight. They ground down my jawbone so much, that the lower denture doesn't even sit against my gums. Therefore, if I were to truly bite down hard - I believe it would flex to the point of breaking before I actually accomplished "chewing" anything.
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I agree.... first i can't imagine why you have to wait for your dentures - even as they do they implants there is healing before the complete process is done.  I have had full dentures for one year and pretty much hate them!!! I just got two posts implanted last week and i have my dentures in but have to wait three months for the rest of the procedure.  I will look at the top in a year as well.
Go for it... at your age it will be worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Amber,
I'm not sure if you mean full upper/lower.

A very skilled practitioner can place implants soon as your teeth are extracted but I know most offices don't like doing that. I work in a Denture Clinic for a Denturist so basically we specialize in Dentures only and sometimes are able to offer a different method and the Dental offices in our area collaborate with us. Denturists aren't legal in most states in the USA - Dentists' don't like them taking some of their "bread n butter". Oops. Did I say that out loud? :) We're in Canada. Here's what you can do and hopefully you're Dentist will agree to do this for you.

To avoid going with out any teeth at all you can start with getting an Immediate Complete Upper/Lower if you need and have the denture inserted in your mouth at your extraction appt. Then you at least have teeth to wear while your gums are healing. The fit won't be ideal at all but you'll have teeth and can eat! :) Once they are ready to insert implants you can still wear the dentures over the implants while you're implants are "healing and bonding to your bone".  Most of the time now adays it takes 3-6mths for the implants to heal. Once they are healed the Dentist will put the abutments (posts) on top of your implants and they can take impressions after that and Reline your denture and place the "housings/Sleeves" (parts) in the denture then voila you have a Snap on Denture! :) I hope this helps.
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Thank you guys for commenting and giving me advice. They're a huge help! Gave me good things to think about.  :)
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You absolutely MUST consider saving ANY healthy teeth (once they are gone they are gone forever)!!!  A healthy tooth will serve as an anchor for partial dentures ESPECIALLY lowers!  I'm not a dentist,but it seems to me that a healthy tooth firmly embedded in your jaw will be stronger and serve you better than any implant that they can screw into your jaw. I have 4 upper implants and 2 lower implants. The lower temporary denture has been a 6 month journey of disappointment and frustration. I can only hope that when I get my final fitting and snap-on teeth I will have an acceptable level of 'normal'.  Although I know I made the right decision to get dentures (I had a mouth full of broken and rotted teeth),my only regret and it is a HUGE regret ,is that I did not keep the 4 or 5 healthy teeth that would have been strong anchors,in addition to implants, for my dentures.
  Please explore ALL options,get a 2nd and 3rd opinion so you can make a better informed decision than I did. If your teeth are a serious health issue like mine were,I encourage you to bravely
 proceed !
 ...   I wish you luck and pray a safe and healthy outcome!