I need help i feel like im getting screwed over. Becaues i am on dentacal

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I need help / vent .
Im getting dentures
Thursday 07 -17 at Western dental.
I have always gone there.
(Over 15 years)
With no problem.
(I have always had bad teeth)
Up untel 5 years ago
I had a great job and had my own ins.
I got sick and to make this short lost my job to an illness lost my saving started reciving ssi,medacal, dentacal,
With in this last year my teeth got so bad they were breaking when i would eat anything .
I was told its time to get dentures
So i start the prosses and after they do the mold and Xrays
I ask should i have someone with me and was told no after the 18 extractions and two teeth that need oral surgeries .
They would just send me the waiting room and I would be fine. I ask the dentist what were they goiing to prescribed after the surgery and the instructions for the for recovery. They said oh we don't prescribe anything heavy narcotics we only prescribed ibuprofen and inflammatories I am petrified of pain I cannot take it .ou're taking 18 teeth out of my mouth you're doing to oral surgery and how you're going to give me his ibuprofen I need something for pain and they're like well that's are proci that's our new policy procedures five years ago when you took one tooth out of my mouth you were in a hurry for me either get Vicodin or Norco Now give me anything I don't know what to do I'm scared to death I've tried to talk to him any suggestions I can't go to another dentist because we're only allowed to have one x-ray a year my teeth are they're cracked or chipped embedded in my gums I've had bad teeth all my life and I don't know what to do I don't know what to do and he says that he's not going to to release my x-rays at their property of his so I can't go to another dentist it's like I'm being forced to have this procedure done and have pain afterwards but 18 teeth and two oral surgeries at the same time and also I thought that we were supposed to get Temporaries and then get our permanent afterwards they're telling us that we are telling me I only get my Temporaries and one alignment and that's it. Then they were trying to push implants on me $4,100 per tooth telling me that I need two on each side bottoms and two on eash side tops I don't have that kind of money I'm lucky if I can pay my rent every month don't know what to do. They told me if I had $800 that they can put me to sleep while they take the tooth out I don't have $800 I don't know what to do I'm so scared
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Yes, part of the problem is your dental insurance through your state. I could write a very long post about how the state run insurances hardly pay for anything and unfortunately Drs don't like to work for free.

My son needed new hearing aids, he has private insurance through my husband's work and Medicaid due to his disabilities. Even with both insurances we are still paying $1400 out of pocket for the hearing aids.

As far as pain, I can say on my end I didn't really need the pain meds and ibuprofen worked very well.
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I would try to find another dentist.  My dentist pulled my teeth , all of them and not at once, maybe 4 or 5 at a time.  AND gave me vicoden for after the procedures.  And I am also on SSI.  Now the dentures, thats a whole other nightmare.  They don't cover any of that part.  It is all out of pocket and I am still struggling.