I ordered secure today, well actually late last night

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I ordered some paste, strips and cleaner. I'm excited to try it but also afraid. Afraid it won't work or I won't get them out. I just hope and pray it works. I want to have a cheeseburger, pizza, real food. Anything besides soup, spaghetti, pancakes and eggs. Cuz right now that is mainly all I eat. The last week I had lasagna. That went down pretty good. Mainly I barely chew it and just swallow it. I still have issues talking. It will be 7 weeks out this Thursday. I never thought it take this long to get used to these darn things. I hate how I have lots of like thick saliva/phlegm when I have them in. Not sure if it's from the powder/ adhesives or what. Then when I take them out it makes me gag and I practically throw up. Sometimes I actually do. I hate that. My parents have had dentures for around 50 years and they don't even use adhesives. I don't get how they can eat. I can't wait till I get my permanent ones. 19 weeks to go. Yes I'm counting down! I'm hoping they will look, feel, and of course fit better. I just hope I can get the secure strips to fit in my lowers. Mine are really small. Very narrow in the front. People mention about using little pointy scissors. Are they the ones you find in cosmetics? So do you think if this secure stuff works. Will I be able to eat a cheeseburger? Or usually how long it take for a person to be able to eat stuff like that?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Marcia - I've had my dentures (just upper) for over a year and I still hate them. I tried Secure and it did work for me but it was really difficult to remove the goop from the roof of my mouth at bedtime. My dentist gave me a sample of "Polygrip for partials" even though I have full dentures, and it works pretty well. I still feel a bit of movement when I eat pizza or a BLT, but at least I can eat them. It's still difficult to remove the residue. I do feel more secure with the Poligrip than with Secure. Best of luck to you.
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Re: removing residue...I have found that rinsing with warm water & mouthwash after removing the denture, then using a piece of dry papertowel to wipe the residue out works better than just rinsing & brushing. Using a damp washcloth works too. I presently use Fixodent, but I would think it would work for Secure as well. (I'm thinking of trying the Secure, but have been hesitant because people have mentioned a slight burning sensation when first applied. It may be worth it though because eating is still kind of difficult, even with the Fixodent and I can't use Polident.) Good luck!
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The light burning sensation is just like chewing cinnamon Trident. It doesn't hurt at all.
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I'm almost 6 months in. I use Secure and I love it. Although I still cannot eat corn on the cob. When I eat burgers or sandwiches I cut them in pieces. Easier to chew. Apples I can eat but have to slice them up. I don't know if things will get better once I get my permanents in June. But I've gotten used to them and I'm so happy I got them done. Good luck to u
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Good for you! Not sure if I can use secure yet myself. I may wait another month to be sure the sockets are totally closed.
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I am now using secure adhesive on the bottoms. It works great!! all I need on the tops is fixodent powder. It holds all day!!
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I am a HUGE fan of Secure paste & strips. I also have a very tiny mouth.

I have never felt the sting that others mentioned, but that's me. As for the scissors, yes the ones in the cosmetic section are what you want.

I watched a YouTube video the other day where this woman used secure paste on top and Ezo on the bottom. Since I had them, I tried it and loved it!

For removing secure from the roof of the mouth, try the Clean It cloths and listerine.

That's my 2 cents