I just had my upper teeth pulled and a immediate denture put in I'm new to all this what is food seal and will it help me eat better

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New to dentures
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Tammy, welcome to the DentureLiving forum and congratulations on getting your new teeth! Fixodent Food Seal (now called Fixodent Plus Gum Care) is a denture adhesive that helps to improve the fit of your denture. It also helps to seal out tough food particles so that they don't get in between your dentures and your gums. I'd suggest checking with your dentist before beginning to use an adhesive. Most people start experimenting with a denture adhesive about 2-3 weeks after getting extractions and dentures to allow their gums some time to heal.

For now, you should probably stick to softer foods, like mashed potatoes, soup, eggs or cottage cheese. As your gums heal and you start trying new foods, go for those that have a natural snap, like broccoli. You can also try cutting your food into tiny pieces and placing some on both sides of the back of your mouth to even pressure.

Everyone's mouth is different and the dentists work differently. We do have a neat little calendar that shows you what to expect in your first month or so: http://www.dentureliving.com/new-to-dentures/calendar

We're all here to help, so let us know if you have any other questions about your dentures or Fixodent :)


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hi.i know this was 4 yrs ago but i had my uppers taken out in 2005 ,every day since ive had to wear denture adhesive,mostly because i didnt know i could go back and get a soft reline done,most places do not tell us this,why? i dont know but i found something that will help you if your still struggling today,its called dentsure fit omg its amazing,i ordered it online,its not cheap but its worth it,here is a link,please go watch and tell everyone about this ok? i do not get any food in my dentures anymore,i can take them out every night,clean them,and put them back in without having to get all that yucky pink stuff off,sometimes i couldnt take my dentures out for 3 days,talk about gross,that was gross,but since i got this soft reliner kit,its cushioned my dentures so they suction better and fit better,try it ok? good luck  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGQcyHvjeSk&t=322s
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Patty, I'm just curious what the denturist told you why your top denture didn't fit from the beginning. I just got my dentures two weeks ago and the top hasn't fit me either. Just falls out if I don't use adhesive. When I eat it comes loose. I go back on Wednesday and going to complain about it. She took four times trying to get that top impression, so, I'm thinking it was her goof. She told me it's because my palate is flat. Doesn't feel flat when I run my tongue across it. I just feel like there should be suction enough to keep it in place. Am I wrong for thinking that? Just very discouraged at this point.
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Calender page wasn't found... Would love to see it.. Thanks
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Hi Amanda. Sorry for the broken link. Here is the first 30 days that the average person can expect.

  • Day 1: Start by eating soft foods like mashed potatoes, puddings, and ice cream that are gentle on your gums. Many first-time denture wearers say eating soft foods that are gentle on your gums and teeth make the adjustment to dentures easier.
  • Day 2 to 14: Your mouth is adjusting to the new dentures; you will likely experience increased salivation. You might also experience sore spots in your mouth from the dentures. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water might help. If soreness persists, return to your dentist for an adjustment. Expect a longer denture adjustment and healing time if you recently had teeth extracted or are a full-plate wearer.
  • Day 15 to 29: You’re learning to talk and eat all over again, and the good news is that salivation and sore spots have lessened. This is the best time to start using a denture adhesive to improve the fit and feel of your dentures.  Using Fixodent® as your adhesive will improve your confidence while eating and immediately improve the fit of your dentures.
  • Day 30: After about 30 days of denture wearing, you should be able to enjoy most of your favorite activities confidently. Remember to visit your prosthodontist on a regular basis to have your dentures checked. A denture replacement is usually recommended every 5 to 10 years.
  • At Any Point: If you’re continuing to experience discomfort during this 30-day adjustment period, please see your dentist, who can check the fit of your dentures. Expect a longer denture adjustment and healing time if you recently had teeth extracted or are a full-plate wearer.
With the strength of Fixodent, you’ll be ready to live life confidently with your new dentures! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.