I'm so confused. What is an Interim Comp Denture??

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Hi everyone! I am new here and so excited to have found you here! Everyone seems so knowledgeable and helpful and that's exactly what I need right now!

I have been wanting dentures for so so long, since I was in my twenties. My teeth have always been difficult and everything got way out of hand several years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and started taking boat loads of medicines. Powerful and very strong medications including low dose chemo, immunosuppressants and high dose antibiotics. They did a number on my teeth which weren't all that great to begin with. I am left with teeth that are breaking left and right and literally falling out of my face. So now dentures are a necessity and getting these bad, decaying and rotting teeth that are so very dangerous to my health as my immune system cannot fight the infections.

So, last Friday we started the process with lower extraction and tomorrow morning my 8 uppers are being surgically extracted. My original treatment plan called for complete dentures (a temp (immediate) and a permanent down the road). But then my doctor realized that I have no issue with doing the extractions then waiting to get my denture when my gums and everything is healed. So he decided to change my treatment plan. And it is for my benefit as the route I am on now is much more affordable which I can definitely benefit from.

So now my treatment plan says the following: Interim Comp Denture (Maxii)

And my question is: what the heck is a "Interim" complete denture?? And if it isn't a normal permanent denture then why would my dentist opt to give me this instead? He is fully aware that I need this denture for ongoing use, "permanent" use.

Is it a permanent denture, an immediate?? I'm so confused! All he said to me was that we are going to skip the temp (immediate) denture and I will go without anything and let my mouth heal until this ione is ready which he said will take about a month. (They have an in house lab)

Thank you in advance for any help! And wish me luck tomorrow, maybe send a little calmness my way, lol.

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  • Anxiety!

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Had my upper extractions today and spoke to the dr about the Interim denture and he did explain it's a temp denture used while healing and before I get my permanent. I opted to skip it and just get the permanent which is what he was supposed to be doing in the first place.

As far as my upper extractions today, 8 teeth were surgically removed and took several hours and I am bow in allot of pain. I've got allot of stitches but 2 have popped out of nowhere already. I'm currently still trying to get the bleeding to stop and get some clots started. So I'm still biting down on guaze which is super painful this time around.

Was told no food today, can start soft foods tomorrow. Not supposed to talk for the next 24 house Mrs and minimally for the 24 after that. I just want to sleep at this point but meds aren't helping and I don't know if I'd ever get to sleep in this kind of pain .

I just want this nightmare over!!
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Hi, I had little pain after extractions but if you do your Doctor can prescribe some painkiller. Such a pity your teeth had to go but under the circumstances it sounds better for you in the long run. You'll feel much better soon. I spent 3 days sleeping!! Good luck,
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try to rest with your head elevated.  Hope you feel better soon.  Keep us updated.