im 11 days in and it does get better even when you think you're never going to heal or get better!

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Hi im 30 yrs old and 11 days ago I had my teeth extracted and upper and lower dentures put in, I had two different types of gum disease which ran in my family. My experience hasn't been the greatest I was in the worst pain ever for the first several days, I was swollen terribly bad then I started having excruciating pain on the lower left side so I went back to the dentist and found out that I had quite a bit of bone exposure this was the worst pain of my life I really believe well the dentist who seen me explained what it was and said it was from my lower denture rubbing back their so my gums weren't healing, his advice was to keep my bottoms out until I go back to the dentist on 1/29/14 and my dentist will most likely have to recut my gums and cut or shave my bone down which I've done exactly what that dentist said and my gums seem to be healing on their own I don't feel or see half as much bone that was their to begin with, but if anyone has went through anything like this with the bone being exposed and if it healed on its own or what the outcome was I would really like to know,but for me it seems to be getting easier and better day by day!! THANKS FOR ALL THE KNOWLEDGE FROM THIS SITE IT'S GREAT!!!
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  • happy but yet ready to heal up!!

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