I'm 27 and I wear dentures

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I sincerely hope I am not violating any terms of service in doing this, I looked and didn't find anything. December of last year I received full upper and lower dentures at age 26. It was a very emotional process for me but I made it through and am now happier than I ever have been. I made a channel on YouTube dedicated to my journey with dentures, along with offering emotional support to those who need it. I do this out of the kindness of my heart because I know the psychological impact that comes with having bad teeth, and then having to have them all removed. If anyone is interested in checking it out you can look me up, my sn is kalinjax. I respond to pretty much every message I get. My goal is honestly to just help others through this process. It makes me feel like my ordeal wasn't in vain when I am able to help others through my experience! And I encourage everyone else to make that step and speak up about their situation because until we start talking about it, we will never be able to remove the multiple stigmas involved with dentures.
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Never easy SECURE is the best denture glue call them and they will send u a full size sample.
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Thank you! I appreciate everyone’s comments. I’ve got an appointment coming up in a week for an exam with a new dentist and I’m going to see what they’re able to do. I’m nervous but excited too. I greatly appreciate comments from everyone because I know you also know what I’m going through and you’re genuinely understanding so thank you. I just want to be able to smile! People ask why I don’t have wrinkles, I never smile!
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hi Kalinjax, i just joined this site a moment ago and your post was the first one i happened to click on. I had been watching your videos and others on YOU TUBE this past week and its cool to see you on here as well, you are committed. I did feel totally alone in this process and unsure about it. When i started my journey i didn't have much information and i'm so happy to have been able to get up to speed BEFORE the crucial steps in the process which are right around the corner. It was decided that i will need to have immediate dentures after the final extractions of my (visible) front teeth due to work issues but now i am dreading that. I am like everyone else TERRIFIED but i am trying to keep it together. Feeling prepared and knowledgeable is key and i thank you guys for sharing information and personal stories to help us through our fear. I look forward to being a part of this community. 
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They look amazing! Actually look like your own teeth. 
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I'm 20, and have just had 2 of my upper teeth pulled out today and then another one a few days after and another bottom teeth another few days after. In addition to my already missing 2 teeth, I already have 5 missing upper teeth plus really bad remaining teeth. I'm really feeling depressed over this and have no idea what to do. I already didn't want to go to school so much before this and would always miss classes or almost never talk when I'm present, but now I completely don't want to go anymore. I know how people praise me for being pretty in front of my face and then talk about how bad my teeth are behind my back. I've heard them, and it was a serious blow to my already low self-esteem. Everyone here has good teeth that I really stick out so much. I want to graduate and earn money to fix my teeth but it all just seems so far away. Now I just feel too embarrassed to even exist.
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You can try flexible dentures. Everyone says that those r inexpensive, very comfortable, and no one can notice that u r wearing them. As educated one you should search for a solution. No one has perfect teeth. Even I don't have. They act like they got perfect teeth. But who knows? Search google "flexible dentures". Hope this will help you. Don't underestimate urself. God bless you.
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I’m 36 years old, I’ve had messed up teeth for quite some time now. I smoked a lot during my late teens and I started making myself throw up during my 20’s to lose weight. Now my teeth look horrid! Over the years I’ve gotten a few teeth extracted and some broke on their own. That’s how bad it is. I don’t have teeth on the right side of my mouth. I keep getting infections but it’s like i refuse to go to the dentist. I hate going the dentist ! :( I don’t like to smile and it’s killing me because I’m such a likable person. Everyone seems to like me and Here i am miserable because of my nasty teeth. It’s killing my self esteem. My insurance won’t approve for partial dentures only the full upper and lower. I’m so scared and embarrassed to get all of my teeth pulled. Will my husband notice? Will people notice when I get dentures? Will they fly out of my mouth when I eat, kiss or sneeze? Can someone feel the dentures when kissing? I’ve heard stories! I’m young, (well sort of) and all of this frightens me but it’s like it has to be done.
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i know how it feels to feel that way, like less of a person, self esteem lowered, but getting dentures medically is a smart move. It is painful but they do drug you up and they do give u pain meds afterwards to help you get past 
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Happy I found this website, thought I might be the only person at my age to need dentures.
I'm 30 and have to have dentures. Been putting it off for the last year because I have such bad anxiety. Reading all your stories Is making me see that I should be brave as well. 
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I’m 28, got full dentures right after I turned 24. Love them. Definitely the only person I know at my age though, so it’s nice to see I’m not alone.
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I am so glad I found this site. I am going tomorrow morning to have my teeth pulled and get immediate dentures. Both my upper and lower need to be done. I only have 18 teeth left. 9 on top and 9 on bottom. No molars. The thing that is the most frightening is I have tori (bone growth in bottom of mouth) that needs to be removed for the bottom plate to fit. I am beyond nervous. My teeth don't hurt that bad but look horrible. I have not been able to eat correctly in years. Im torn emotionally.... On one hand in telling myself it doesn't hurt that bad most of the time it's fine, on the other hand I want to be able to smile and eat. And live a normal social life. Im only 35.
If I only get the top will my bite be off?
What about the mis- match in teeth color?
Has anyone else had tori removed?
I guess I'll make my final decision in the am. I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight...
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Update: The Toride removal was a lot easier then I thought it would be. I brought noise cancelling ear buds and was fine. All teeth removed no problem. For anyone out there having toride issues feel free to drop me a line. It will be ok, you are not alone.