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I had all my top teeth pulled 3 days ago. Overall im doing ok. When should i leave my dentures out all night? I really hate the feeling of them being out. Also there is a really sore spot on my gums when i put the dentures back in after cleaning. It hurts so bad getting them back in. Any suggestions?
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Hi, my dentist told me I only needed to leave them in the first night, after that I was to wear them a few hours and take them out for a couple, etc...
Your sore spots, rinse with warm salt water several times a day, you can use Vaseline on those spots as well until you can be seen by your dentist.
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You should not have any problem if they were fitted properly. Salt water rinse should get you thru to your next visit for. I have warren dentures for  55 years. I have never had a problem with fitting  till this year. When I went in for a new set of dentures at a new clinic I was given a price for a full set of dentures, till I got to the final appointment, and I was told at that time that I would need soft liners for a total price of another $300.00 . I questions this way of doing business. I asked why I was not told about having extra lining. I did not except that  sham.  He let me go home with an unfinished product. Now a year later I have drooling at the corners of my mouth because they were not finished without the proper fitting in the first place. At this time I have not have any soreness on my gums. but they dentures have never been fitted properly. After wearing dentures for all those years I have never had such poor service and the false service.  This is the poorest service that  I have ever had.
This denturest has the poorest rate that I could ever give him. I  had moved so was starting with a new clinic. Sure wish I had done more research before I started on this adventure.   Have done a lot of research after this  experience I find out this dentures had a very poor rating. After 55 years with no trouble I didn't think this kind of thing could happen.  Please do some research before you make your choice of dentures. I wish I would have done that.  Good Luck.
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when a dentist? can't help you-it's because they don't know how-and for sore spots-benzodent helps but leave the denture out for a 'few' on the sore spot-then carefully put it back in-i never take mine out except to clean-don't care what the dentist says-there are more BAD dentures out there than good and it should NOT be this way-a dentuist is your best best but they're only allowed to practice in 4 states and even then-it's not guaranteed you'll get a good outcome-you should always have have a say in picked size/color/shape of teeth and all changes made at wax try-in-with all i know-i still am looking for someone and it's MUCH HARDER when you've learned a lot but i'm glad i have.  
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My dentist told me to leave them in the first 3 days then only take them out to clean them. 1 year later I wear them only when I have to.
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I am one day out of 4 &. 1/2 hour surgery, full mouth extractions, implants set upper and lower (for later conversion to snap-in dentures). From the surgeon's office to my denturist 's office for immediate dentures (which are to be my final snap-in dentures. )

I do not recall anything of the entire day in The Big City beyond the surgeon placing the IVs in my hand, and the doc offering up a prayer with dental assistant and I all holding hands...
It all went very well, so I am told. Alleluia!

My denturist gave written instructions for me to keep the dentures in for 24 hours, then remove to clean and rinse; then sleep with the immediate dentures in for a full 7-nights. Of course, lots and lots of saline gentle rinsing , and started today the chlorhexidine irrigation & rinsing, morning and bedtime.
I've had trouble with throwing up and the very loose lower denture flies out into the sink!
Better today.

I also have those sore spots from the dentures as well as all the tender wounds of the extractions. My aim is to pop out dentures for just * a couple of minutes * at longest, to rinse and clean wounds and get them back in quickly; to avoid any more pain of the swelling making it more difficult and painful to get them back in place in my mouth. I absolutely am determined not to get 'stuck' / unable to reseat the dentures.

So, I have different instructions from what OP Leann Pilgrim-Stowe was given by her dentist.
I 'm keeping them in day and night, being careful to saline rinse gently and frequently 4-6 times a day, and chlorhexidine irrigation of wounds twice daily.

Facial swelling has been minor thus far; Ice packs are my friend, 20 mins on, 20 mins off.
Some swelling of lower jaw today, some tender swollen lymph nodes, a slight fever.
So far so good. Hoping tomorrow goes as well with no surprises. And may it go well with you, Leann. Try the OraGel; my denturist put it in my "goody to go gift bag".

[Tried to post a pic, but it showed up here upside down. Oh well. Not important.]
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If you have sore spots you may have to leave your dentures out for periods and rinse with warm salt water, as Lisa said. 

I never take mine out at night because I gag when I don't have any teeth in my mouth. I just take them out in the morning, clean them and put them back in. If you have a spot that sore is it possible for you to go see your dentist. I would think this means he needs to do a little grinding to get rid of that spot. It is normal for people to go back to the dentist any number of times for these sore spots after first getting your dentures. Don't be afraid to contact his office and explain about this.
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Yep, I'd gag as well.
I just want to get as comfortable-with-the-uncomfortableness of having all this cumbersome plastic in my mouth, and get on with it.
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I agree with Lisa and Nikilet. Salt water really helped me and I visited my dentist office damn near twice a week for the first few weeks plus several times sporadically since then for adjustments. They have been so great about getting me in anytime I’m uncomfortable, even squeezing me in before and after hours if need be. You may want to call your dentists and ask is it’s okay first, but I also would put a little numbing cream (like Orajel) right over any sore spots before placing my dentures back in. The trouble with sore spots in my experience is they tend to get worse when not dealt with. Don’t be afraid to call them every time it’s bothering you. Remember, you’re not just their patient, you are a paying customer and it is up to them to help you be as comfortable as possible during this process. I just had my first reline done last Tuesday and I’ll be calling him up Monday for yet another adjustment lol
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Yep, you are so right, it is up to us to take good care of ourselves.
And we have paid *mightily* for professional expertise, care and services.
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for SOME reason-i cannot 'edit' my comment above-it is supposed to say if you live in one of the states where DENTURISTS practice-go to one of them vs. a 'dentist' and keep every good tooth you have-and only get partials vs. dentures.
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New denture take time to adjust on your gum, and sometimes you are going to have to wait until your mouth to heal before you no longer feel any soreness. Gum are not meant to wear denture all day. White spots on the gums occur with many different causes. The most common cause of white spots on gums are canker scores, also know as mouth ulcers.