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My teeth a full set don't fit after 4yrs I am so fed up
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Mandy Hillier-Nutley

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  • so frustrated as I have tried so many things every thing in the denture department

Posted 8 months ago

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Hello I joined 2 sites on Facebook one is Women with denture and implants social group. The other is Dental Implants/Dentures Support Group a few weeks ago and have learned so much and have had may suggestions that have helped me I joined this page 6 or 8 months ago and never get much from it ! Hope this will help you out. I even found a method to keep my top denture in all day lon on the women's page called the combo  Good Luck to you 
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Checked it out. Came up with nothing on Facebook.
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Mandy, I know the feeling. I've had my full dentures just under a year and they are extremely uncomfortable. If I'm alone, I don't even wear them. The insides of my lips have been rubbed completely raw and they hurt most of the time. They are bulky and awful...and that's not even mentioning eating. I have gotten some good advice from this forum about adhesives and just trying to learn how to chew and swallow all over again, but I highly doubt I will be able to wear and forget them ever. I use seabond liners on the bottom which reduce the pain in the gums and will hold down 1 side when chewing. Steaks, bread, lettuce, pork chops are all food I eat very rarely if at all just for the sheer discomfort of it all. I have had them adjusted 4 times. The tops, I use polygrip super to add security to the suction but even with that they still want to pop out if I try to drink through a straw or whistle. All in all, they are painful and uncomfortable as hell. They are purely a cosmetic device so I can show pearly whites when I smile. I did horribly at taking care of my teeth and now I am paying for it. As far as advice goes from this forum, I welcome it all but I have found nothing life changing. I eat a lot of ibuprofen to get me through the day until I can rip them out of my mouth, which is the only time I get any real relief from them. Anyway, I hate to sound so dismal about it. Seems a lot of people don't have as much difficulty, or have found things that work great. But not me. I did hear about some European products that seem to work wonders, but as of this post getting them in the States seems next to impossible. Sorry you are having such a hard time, but you are by no means alone.
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HI Mandy, that is so awful that you have put up with your teeth for that long.  Is there any way, that you could go to a highly recommended dentist, that could make you another set?  Perhaps a new set, will help the discomfort.  I am always at my dentist who is only to happy to help with any adjustments that I need doing.  It seems from this forum, that a lot of people have trouble with their dentist not actually listening to their concerns, etc.  If your dentures aren't fitting after 4 years, there must be something with the make of them?  And this needs to be sorted out.