Just got my dentures today,

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I went through a very slow process of getting all my teeth taken out, they could only do a few teeth at a time because of infections and impacted teeth and it took 11 appointments.. i am fully healed by now. this afternoon i went to pick up my new dentures very excited. she had me sit down, handed me a box and i put the lowers in first.. they fit and looked great! then i attempted the top. the first thing i noticed was  how much it pinched and hurt to even attempt to put the uppers in, i told the dental assistant this and she said that's to be expected and to try fitting them in again. i again tried and with alot of pushing and alot of pain i got them in the best i could but the pain was so bad i had to take them out after a few seconds. i tried telling the dental assistant  that it hurt and i thought they were fitted to my mouth, she said to give it a week and come back with any problems then said bye and left the room. i have never had dentures before so i really didnt know what to expect but is this normal? at home i have tried to put in the uppers again and ended up pinching my gums on both sides so much i was in tears. am i doing something wrong? i have no tried any adhesives yet. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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Don't rush your gums r still healing.  Amazing how rude people can be.  KARMA
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Sum of these dental ppl can b so thoughtless rude and uncaring. U should go back and demand sum help. Ur gums r still healing but u shouldn't have to put up with any bull. U r the 1 who paid them to HELP u. And it shouldn't b so painful if they did it right. I'm so sorry ur having to deal with that. Getting dentures can b such a traumatic emotional thing at first but in the end it turns out to b a great step and choice for most. Good luck and I hope everything gets fixed for u
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I agree with the above ladies.  There is going to be some discomfort. Usually it's the top that seems to be kind of okay and the bottoms that cause a lot of problems.  Really, though, your dentist should be listening to you.  
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If you really are fully healed, those top dentures should feel like the lower ones do.  Definitely call and make an appointment to see the dentist.... not an assistant.... and tell them exactly where it hurts and show them on the denture.  They can file down places that are too high or are rough or jagged or bumpy to make them feel more comfortable.
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I agree. I would call back and ask to see the dentist, not assistant. I would keep going back until they have them fitted correctly that you can wear them with little to no discomfort! If you're still healing you may have some discomfort but something definitely doesn't seem right. Hope you have gotten some help!
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If anyone needs a really good Denturist in the New York area post if interested.  I will give more details.  He is located in Queens, New York.