Just had 6 top teeth pulled and got my immediate dentures, but I can’t wear them.

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Tomorrow will be day 5 since I’ve had the rest of my top teeth pulled out. I received my immediate denture, but it hurts so much to wear them. I keep reading that the gums won’t heal right if I don’t just bite the bullet and wear them. When I try to put them in, the pain is unbearable and I can’t fit them all the way in properly. If I wait until the sores heal and the stitches dissolve, will it be too late and my denture won’t fit right? I’m regretting this decision and it’s too late to go back. The way the dentists made it sound, that I can wear them right away was the reason I did this. Now, I’m in tears because I feel so ugly and I feel like I’ll never be normal again. I don’t want to go out in public with no teeth, yet I just can’t seem to wear them. I’m supposed to go for a follow up in 4 days , but I’m going to call tomorrow. I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else went through this. Will it get better? Did I doom myself to a life of feeling like this? Help please
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Sandy: Talk to - and see - your dentist as soon as possible. Days 3 to 5 are the worst for most of us, and you may see some improvement sooner than you think. Pain is part of the experience for most of us, but it can be managed. I used Advil, Orajel - which I rubbed over my gums for the first 7 days or so - and the so-called "Magic Mouthwash." By day 10 the pain was a memory.

A couple of things that I had to deal with were leukoplakia and bone shards rising to the surface of my gums. Leukoplakia is a painful white spot on the gums caused by the dentures rubbing. The dentist can fix that quickly, which is why you should call ASAP. The dentist can also get rid of tooth or bone shards that are causing a problem. Both are common occurrences immediately after the placement of immediate dentures, and they can cause a lot of pain. But they are easily manageable, and they should cease causing problems after 1 or 2 trips to your dentist. It took two trips for me, and I was off the painkillers after just 7 days.

When you get to the point where your gums are largely healed, gently brush them with a soft toothbrush. You will be amazed how good it will feel. And rinse your mouth at least 4 to 6 times a day with warm salt water, at least until your gums are completely healed.

I remember dreading putting the new denture in the first 5 days or so, probably for the same reasons you do. But each day will be better for you than the day before, and in a week or ten days you will adjust to them. Good luck to you. Joseph
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I had weeks when my dentures just wouldn't fit as my gums healed, and I just couldn't wear them.  When I had to go out in public, I just wore a surgical mask and let people assume what they would.  These days it is not so unusual to see people in them. Once you get past the initial healing phase, soft relines do wonders for making the dentures comfortable.
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Oh no that's terrible. I had 8 uppers and immediate dentures. When the oral surgeon tried to place the denture after the procedure he couldn't place them properly. He told me to go immediately to my dentist which I did. He made some kind of adjustment and got them in. Yes the pain was horrible but I had been through worse over the years. True I think after dentist looks at it you may have to "bite the bullet" and try to keep them in as long as you can stand it. I think by wearing them it does help with the healing process and your mouth has to conform to them which does take time. I used, as stated above orajel and orajel rinses frequently. Doing that should help somewhat. Good luck it's a long process but does get better over time.

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Contact your dentist today and listen to what Joseph
said in his post. I printed out his post when I got ready to go through my journey and he is spot on.

You have to get adjustments made to your dentures as your gums are constantly shifting and changing during the healing process. What feels good today can easily change and hurt tomorrow. Only takes the dentist a few minutes to see what's rubbing and where and they can smooth the spot off the denture so it doesn't rub anymore.

I had a total of at least 9 adjustments during the first few weeks of my journey.

After reading this forum before I got started I was in constant contact with my denture dude. I hurt, I called, they fixed it and then I'd repeat it sometimes again the very next day.

I was determined I was going to be successful with my dentures and that the denture dude was going to have to help. They did and I can say I'm happy with my decision and love my smile.
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Did anyone have any trouble with their top lip bulging out. My kids and friends have noticed it on me and it looks like I have buck teeth. But it’s just my lip. I’m on day 6. Any comments to relieve my fears that I’ll look normal again?