Kinda curious, how old are all of you?

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I got 11 teeth pulled and a full top denture put in on December 9th. I am 35 years old. I think getting dentures at a younger age has gotten more common then it used to be. My dad got both tops and bottoms as a 21st birthday present to himself so I am happy I made it 14 years later then he did. =)

How did your significant other handle you having dentures? My husband is having a harder time adjusting to it than I have. I am LOVING them (other than the constant adjustments till they fit right) and I am not regretting getting them at all. My husband says now that I don't look like me anymore and he doesn't like it. Nice to know someone out there didn't mind my rotten gross teeth. lol.
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I had all mine out at 52 on the 6th of Jan. 2015 Not too much swelling ,just this on spur is making it impossible to wear lower plate. I like them and this the first time in my life I was actually told by many people that I have a beautiful smile. I haven't smiled so much in my life since I had this done, I just want to wear my lower plate with pain from the spur. Anyone know how to get the spur to come out faster so I can grab it tweezers?
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If you can Surette, see your Dentist to remove the bone spur... that does happen from time to time.... The ''Spur'' may work it's way out, but would be less painful if you saw your Dentist or Oral Surgeon ... You could add an ''extra dab'' of adhesive to the lower plate where the ''spur'' is until it comes out... that extra cushioning would help with the pain too...  Yes, after you get ''dentures'', you'd be surprised how many people compliment you on your Beautiful Smile & they don't know they're dentures either .. Good Luck in your ''journey'' now... It's a process and will take more time than you thought, but it's all worth it...
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I just found this site.  I had all my top teeth (what was left of them...) out about 4 or 5 months ago at age 68, and had posts put in for a "snap on" upper denture.  I'm still wrangling with my current upper which, at least and thank God, is comfortable but is a challenge to eat with.  And if anyone has any hints about how to deal with "denture goo" and how to get that horrible stuff off your gums and the roof of your mouth PLEASE point me in the right direction!

I was stunned by how many of you are so young.  I think we all need to get together and try to get dental procedures covered by basic medical insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.  Now I'm off to explore this site more.  I'm so glad to have found this place!
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Welcome Marion ..,.. You might try ''Fixodent POWDER''  Extra Hold... I've used the paste & powder... I can definitely say, the POWDER does not stick to the roof of your mouth... just use it as directed and you should be OK to eat.. It creates a nice ''seal'' too, so rarely does food get under your pallet... BTW, I had to get dentures at 67, in April 2013 ...I had loose teeth due to bone loss and infections over many years...Now, ''Life is Great'', with a great ''White Smile'' to boot!... I'm in my ''permanent'' dentures now, after approx. 9 mos. with a temporary denture... It's definitely a process and you grow to ''Love'' your dentist too... I was not a candidate for ''snap on'' dentures, due to the bone loss.. who knows, maybe I will be some year.. I had to have ''bone grafts'' done when I had my extractions...  Good Luck Marion, keep updating too if you have any problems... We're here to help our fellow ''denture wearers''... "Dee''