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I am about 1 year into my dentures, just got my permanents. My denturist told me at my first appt. that I would have a hard time wearing dentures, due to lack of bone. Because of limited finances, I really had no other choice. So no matter how well my dentures fit, I still have to apply adhesive and have been trying everything, with different results. Does anybody have this problem? Never nice snug fit because you don't have enough bone and what adhesives work for you? Thank You
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I don't have my permanent denture yet - probably a few more months.  But they did add a lining and it fit much better; however, it still was loose.  I'm fairly new to all this but have found that Fixodent works to give a tight feel.  So I'll keep using it until or even after I get my permanent because I feel so much more confident and less pain when I do.
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Bone loss is a big problem for lower dentures.  The best is SECURE DNTURE PASTE call and they will send u a full size sample.
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I have the same problem with my dentures. My top ones feel good but wont stay in. I have tried a lot of denture adhesives over the years. My tops i use DenSureFit. It's a lining that has been in for several months but I also spread fixadent on and then apply a layer of fixdent powder. For the bottom denture ,where I have bone loss, pain and real problems keeping my dentures in, i use Denture Relining Cushion Stabilizer. This has to be mixed, poured in the denture to set up. Each morning I spread fixadent , add Sea Bond lower dental adhesive strip, wet it, spread another layer of fixadent and apply a layer of powder. I have to do this everyday inorder to wear my dentures. It hs not been a fun ride. Good luck. The DenSureFit and Denture Relining Cushion Stabilizer have to be ordered online.
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My uppers fit great and I am on my second ones and I just use Fixodent on those, my lowers are another subject, I don't think I have enough bone either and I have to use the thinner Fixodent on them and I have to renew it every time I eat anything, I could probably use a relining to the bottom ones.  I have worn upper dentures since the 1970's so it is second nature to me to wear those.
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I have my permanent dentures now and the top fits in very well and no problem keeping it in using super fixodent.
The bottom is another story. I had teeth extracted by a dentist local and said not to take dentures out even though in severe pain and so much mucous I couldn't breath. Long story short I ended up on oxygen & got an infection that required emergency surgery and a lot of my bottom bone had to be scraped & some removed. I am so thankful to be a year later on the other side of that mess and have teeth now. I am still finding what works for lowers and may order the 'Secure' on Amazon everyone has been talking about. 
The chances of insurance paying for implants at the tune of $5000 is real slim. I'm still grateful to be doing good now.