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I'm having my teeth pulled and same day dentures in six days I've cryed none stop and have had nightmares about it I'm trying to stay positive but I'm in a battle with myself don't think I've ever been so sceard
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Posted 3 years ago

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I had mine pulled in march (lowers ) and uppers pulled in may.
Honestly there isnt anything to worry about .check with your dentist if you can take a valium. I took a valium an hr before each appt. I felt nothing and after the 2nd or 3rd tooth i was asleep i woke up a few times but had no idea what was happening and went back to sleep. I had my denture in same day too.
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I had all mine pulled in September. The process itself really wasn’t bad at all. There really wasn’t any pain after and I just relied on Advil, mainly for the anti inflammatory effect. My doc also had me take the 5 day steroid pack where you take one less pill each day. I took the first dose a couple hours before the surgery. I have focused on how much harder it would be to have to adjust to losing a limb, or my eyesight etc. that helps keep it in perspective. And all those annoying things my real teeth caused like the sensitivity to anything sweet, hot, cold, the infections, the eating around broken or cracked teeth, the gum recession out of sight etc, are just gone instantly. Just try to find a mindset where you keep moving forward. There are many people on the same journey so you are not alone.
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You have nothing to fear but fear itself. That is what I learned when I had my 11 upper teeth pulled. I took the pain meds given to me every four hours for the first few days, then Aleve. The salt water continued rinses worked wonders. Good luck and stay calm. The initial removed goes very smoothly. I had shots of novacaine. You hear the cracking of the teeth but feel no pain. And the sound did not bother me at all, like I thought it might.
Good Luck and keep us posted
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I promise you, its nowhere near as bad as your brain is trying to make you believe.  I was in almost the same boat as you were prior to my e-day in April - to the point where I spent an extra couple hundred bucks to be sedated for the surgery (do you have that option?)  In the grand scheme of things, its a relatively short amount of discomfort.  In return, you're getting rid of all the of the problems that led you to this point.  You got this!

Keep us posted!
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It’s okay to be a little worried. This is surgery really. I had 16 uppers extracted two weeks ago and didn’t have anything but the normal numbing stuff. That was the worst part for me because it contains adrenaline and my heart felt like it was going to explode. The process itself was better than previous extractions I’ve had because my dentist uses a process of breaking them away from the gums and letting them sit that way for a little bit of time and then when he takes them out they just popped right out. It was awesome actually. Usually I ended up with severe jaw pain after one extraction because of the process they usually do of yanking pulling and jerking from side to side. I closed my eyes the entire time and I honestly didn’t hear much. I had a sideways wisdom tooth that they took out too which took the longest. You will be okay and after the initial healing time you will love your smile. I am so happy knowing I won’t have another toothache and that makes it worth it. Those are worse than any other pain I’ve experienced including having two children, one of which ended up as a c-section. You are not alone so just reach out with any questions or concerns you have! I would have been lost without this site.
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I am two weeks out from having my upper and lowers extracted with immediate temps. I was terrified to look at myself in the mirror this first time I took them out. I forced myself to smile. What I saw was the face of my baby granddaughter. All gums! I had to laugh. So now, each time I take them out I look at myself in the mirror and think of her and feel love. That is not saying that I would want anyone else to see me that way, it’s just a little private time for me.

I also took before and after pictures (with my dentures in). It helps to remind me of what a great choice I made! I had been so embarrassed about my teeth that I didn’t want to take the picture even though it was for my eyes only.

I am hoping everything went well for you. This site has been fantastic for me. I hope you continue to update us with your progress. Best wishes to you.