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Like so many others my lower plate becomes loose whenever I try to wear it. Even without consuming hot soup/beverages or trying to eat any food, the adhesive always fails within 3 hours, or less. Once it occurs and I remove the plate, other than a tiny amount, there's no evidence that any adhesive was ever used at all. My question is: Do the others belonging to this community share the same problem?
My adhesive of choice is Fixodent Plus. Unfortunately, I haven't experienced the same success with Fixodent Plus as other members have shared. Currently I am using Super Poligrip but it doesn't provide any better results than the Fixodent Plus. 
I purchased my dentures in 2010. Because of the problem with the lower plate, I have only worn it for about total of maybe a month the entire time that I have owned the dentures. I don't have any issues with my upper plate at all. In 2015 I invested in having the lower plate relined. That was a complete waste of money. After about a week I stopped trying to wear the plate until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately my attempt to wear the lower plate has been an exercise in futility.
Because I am a senior, whose only source of income is social security, ordering an adhesive from overseas is not possible.
During my last visit to my local Wal-Mart I noticed, what appears to be, a new Fixodent product. According to the packaging, it provides an improved super-duper hold. Other than costing about $2.00 more than their other products, the only difference in ingredients appeared to be the addition of another color of dye, plus the ingredients are listed in a different order. If anyone in the community has tried that product, I would like to know if the new Fixodent product is worth the higher price.
I apologize for such a long post. If you have managed to stay awake and read the entire post, I thank you for sticking with me. All kidding aside, I shall appreciate receiving your responses and advice. Thanks.
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  • frustrated.

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I too have had many issues with my dentures, i use secure,which i do order from amazon,but it isnt any more expensive than the other brands... it doesnt solve all problems but it helps..
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Hi  Linda
It sounds like a combination  of things
I am sorry you are having so much  difficulty  but lower dentures  are frequently a problem

If you have a dental college near you I would go there for a consultation
I would also investigate if you are able to get Medicade because Medicade  would cover your costs and a Dental College  would work with and accept  Medicaid as payment or they do that in many states like New York etc

If your state allows denturist I would confer with one of them

If you could  afford to have  a clip on lower denture also know as an
over denture that wold  really make a big difference in  your life
Clip on's are a game changer

I   think you should try  something as it is a quality of life issue

Let us know how you are doing
Good luck
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I've have found for me, that Fixodent Powder works the best.  
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SECURE call them and get a free tube.

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I agree with Barbara G  I get my hard liner in just over 2 weeks.  That said I'm 3.5 months into my last soft liner.  The bottom is obviously not as tightly fitting as it used to be but I currently don't have any issues with it coming loose until the evening after I've eaten supper.  I'll admit some of that may be I've got more time and my tongue likes to poke on the denture since there are gaps between my gums and the soft liner now.  When I get the hard liner I plan on asking for an appointment to explain my options for over dentures.
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I have always had problems with my lowers, after the New Year, my dentist is going to try smaller implants that might cost a little less.  He told me that I don't have much bone under my lower plate and that makes a huge difference when getting implants, if they don't work, I really don't know what I will do. When I eat after putting in the Fixodent, they come loose immediately and I just carry a tube with me to go and put more in, as Hank says I use Fixodent powder when I first put them in and it does help keep them in longer, especially if I am only talking and not eating.
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Patricia Woolums Thomas
I would get a 2nd opinion on that ovdenture and what kind of implant you need for the implants
a dentist should be experienced in implants and schooled in implants

Even though you like your dentist he might not be the person you should 
select to do the implants   Ask your dentist   what experience he  has in implants   He just might be more comfortable doing the mini implants because they are  easier to install

You could also consult with dentists that advertise free consultations and  see what they say
A  clip  on done at A dental   school is a good place   and it is less  expensive    if you have one near you

A clip on  secures your denture and makes it stable

Let us know what you decide to do
Good Luck
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The lowers are always a problem (as mentioned before). Keep your dentures clean - I use cheap cleaner tablets and let them soak while I sleep. I rinse and brush the dentures, then dry them with paper towels. I brush my "teeth" (gums) with toothpaste. When I apply the paste to the lowers, I use a single line along the valley. Uppers get a double line and a little circle in the middle of the pallet. Experiment with this a bit - sometimes less glue is better (depending on your fit). I use a paper towel to dry my gums just before inserting the dentures. This works great for me. Nothing comes loose (I snack on chips and Cashews all night). Honestly, though, after 12 hours, I can't wait to get those blocks out of my mouth ;)
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