Lower Dentures, Painful?

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Thursday I had 9 teeth extracted, and lower dentures added. The extraction was not as bad as I thought. I had the novicaine, lidocaine, numbing agent, was not put to sleep. The dentist pulled them, put in my lower denture and sent me home. I didn't expect it to be a smooth transition, but wow...I went back to dentis 24 hours later, he took denture out, fixed a spot, I rinsed and put them back. He told me to start taking them out at night, and put back in, in the am. I have done everything exactly as he has told me, and I am miserable. Last night was the 2nd night I took them out, and this morning was not much improvement when compared to the first morning. It has only been 3 days. Oh, and by the way, the strongest pain medication I have is Ibuprofen 800. Does this seem normal to anyone? I am truly miserable. I thought about leaving dentures in tonight, but scared there may be consequences. If anyone has any advice, please let me know? And to think I have to have upper done after new year...I would greatly appreciate your advice...
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I know this is  a year old, but I thought I would reply for any future readers with the same problem. The lowers were the roughest for me too. I had immediate dentures put in after the final 15 teeth were extracted. The first night wasn't too bad, but things got worse the next day when I had to take them out for a quick salt water rinse and to clean them, I did this twice a day, and after the first time I dreaded it! The biggest problem was on the inside towards the back, and was caused simply by my mouth not being used to having this hard piece of plastic rubbing on it constantly. This lead to some sores, which made it even worse. It hurt all the time, and was just shy of unbearable when taking them out and putting them back in. Day four I took them out in the morning to rinse and clean, and that was it, couldn't get them back in. I went back to the oral surgeon a couple days early for my follow-up, and he did adjust them by removing  a bit of material, but very little. He told me that this was normal, it was just a painful process to get used to them.They said it would be OK for me to leave them out for a couple days to allow the ulceration to heal, but to get them back in as soon as I could. That "couple days" turned into over a week. After that, I could get them in a wear them for a short time, but still, the process of getting them in and out was very painful. After they were in for ten or fifteen minutes, that pain eased. The extraction sites were still so swollen, I decided to wait for them to heal a bit more before I went to the dentist. As much as it hurt when I put them in or took them out, having someone else do it was... I don't know what else to call it other than truly unbearable. For the next few weeks, up to the present, I have been wearing them as much as I could each day (about 4 hours) and finally tried eating with them. I ended up eating scrambled eggs, and that was it for solid food. In the last couple days I have been able to have sandwiches, but only by cutting piece about one half inch squared.

Today, things have changed dramatically. I hate to sound like a commercial, but this is the truth. I decided today to try some adhesive just to see what it would do. One of the guys from my lodge had told me he swears by Fixodent, so I picked up a tube. When I got home from the store it was right about the four hour mark where I take them out because they are starting to really hurt. I washed them and dried them, applied a very small amount in a pattern similar to what is shown on the box, and put them back in. It is almost midnight now, SIX hours after putting them back in with the adhesive on, a total of TEN hours today, and they are still feeling better than the ever have. I am stunned! I wish I had tried this sooner!  With immediate dentures, they are going to be a poor fit within a matter of days. The best solution is for your dentist to get you through this, but if the pain is too bad to follow the normal route, my suggestion is to try the adhesive, (starting with a tiny amount, adding more if you need to) as soon as the extraction sites are healed over and you can wear your dentures for at least a short time every day. Having the lowers move around will keep those sore spots sore, but a good fit will truly help that. It will still take time for you to get used to them, but the more you can wear them, the faster that will happen. I was worried that my lowers were always going to be terrible, or at least until I was fully healed and could have the reline done nine months or more down the road, but now I feel for the first time that things will not be so bad for those next months. Sorry this got so long, but I hope my story might help someone I guess the short answer is that painful lowers are just part of the game for some of us, but for me, leaving them out for a few days until the sores healed, then wearing them for a short time each day was the answer, only now I feel that had I used some adhesive a bit earlier I would have started feeling better at week 4 instead of week 7! Best of luck fellow newtooths, and hang in there.
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Hi Tim, thank you so much for sharing your story. We’re very glad to hear that Fixodent adhesive was able to help alleviate some of your discomfort! You are absolutely right that if the extraction sites have healed, denture adhesive can help stabilize a denture’s motion and reduce soreness. Many people visit this site looking for advice just like yours, so thank you for taking the time to write it all down. To welcome you to the Fixodent family, we’d like to send you a little something—please click the following link if you are interested. Thanks again!

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