Mental and emotional impact of full mouth extractions

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Were you as mentally prepared as you thought?

For many years I suffered with extremely sensitive teeth. I used to wish I could just eat without pain. So the notion of getting dentures and the freedom from pain they would offer was extremely attractive. However, it was also a last resort.

I knew for many years that I would someday have to get dentures as oral health issues run in the family and my body was not fighting. 

Here's the thing though, as much as I thought I was ready for this process, I very quickly learned how truly unprepared I was. It has been emotionally and mentally devastating. I have been struggling for several days to just be able to figure out just how or what I am feeling and the best I can come up with is that I feel like I've suffered a major amputation.

Now, logic will dictate that time will resolve this feeling because everyone learns how to adapt to dentures. But, for all of the topics covered and discussed here, I have not really seen one dedicated to the emotional recovery of this experience.

I know everyone's personal experience will be different and for some, very happily embraced and celebrated. I wish I was one of those people. I thought it might be useful to have a place for others' to connect with and draw support from.

If you are suffering emotionally from this experience, you are not alone. I guess this is one of those times were "time will heal". 
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I haven't posted in quite some time.  I have been wearing a top denture for almost 3 years.  It hasn't been horrible nor amazing by any means.  However this Friday I am having the remaining 8 bottom teeth extracted and 4 post put in for a fixed denture on the bottom. I have to wait at least 6 months for my gums to heal before I can have the permanent attached.  I am terrified of how this is going to play out.  I have done 2 years of research but I am still very scared. I will leave the office with a new top temporary and bottom temporary denture, but I have heard so many horrible stories about having a bottom denture.  I truly hope this turns out good.  Wish me luck.
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I had two posts put in last August when I had the last of my bottom teeth pulled. Because I also had the top pulled a few weeks later, I was without teeth during the time of healing and the implants integrating with the bone - some six months altogether. However, having implants to hold the bottom in place is fantastic! I need a tiny bit of adhesive at the ends of mine because I could only have the two implants (problems with bone in my case). I've only had both top and bottom dentures for about a month but it's only the top I'm having learn how to handle to keep it in place. Hopefully you have similar luck with your bottom dentures.
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So, follow up. It's been 6 months since I had 19 extractions, so full mouth and temporary dentures but none of them fit so relign after reline, nothing worked out so now after 2 months of waiting on what they are calling a "proper temporary" I am supposed to get it Tuesday. Honestly I don't believe it. I have lost what little self esteem I did have and my already existing depression is tripled.
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I’m sorry to hear what you are going through. It’s a long process with many ups and downs.
It’s been 25 days for me. As of the last week, they’ve been pretty good. I have had great luck with my top plate. The partial on the bottom, totally different story. I really had to see the “right” person at the dentist to get it fixed. Last week was the first week I was able to wear them without pain and blood.
Just keep grinding, you are stronger than you think, as someone here told me. Keep calling and making them fix you up. You are gonna beat this! Just keep beating on your dentist until they get it right