Mental Health and Dentures

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I need all my remaining teeth removed and to get dentures. I've already decided to go to Affordable Dentures because I've had teeth extracted there and love the dentist. Plus they have the best pricing around here.

I also have some mental health issues. I have Bipolar disorder and it is currently under complete control with medication. However, I'm terrified that getting dentures is going to send me into a deep depression and that's just the worst. Does anyone have experience with mental health issues on top of all our dental issues? I want this to be as smooth a transition as possible (I've read plenty on here, I know it's not unicorns and rainbows.) I just don't want to fall into a depression for months. Or worse, go manic because I'm so excited about new teeth. 

Basically I'm very nervous about how my mental condition will operate with my new teeth. If anyone has experience with this, I'd love to hear how things turned out for you. If you went into depression or mania. How long it lasted, etc.

Thanks for all the great info on this site. It's so nice to have understanding folks to talk to. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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Everyone processes this differently.  If I say something negative or positive I don't want u to freak out.  Go in and be positive and u will learn from that and hope it all goes well.  If someone puts a thought about this DO NOT let them take away your positive feelings.  Please post and let us no how it went.
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Lisa getting dentures is a very big step but for most its a very great big step. Idk about the mental side but I am so happy with my new smile. I hope u don't have any issues getting urs and I hope all goes well. And Joan is right don't let any1 take away ur positives about this. When u get it done ur health and ur smile will b SO much better. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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My dtr is bipolar. She just got 2 large partials. She is very happy, but nothing like manic. Better smile, easier to eat without fear of more teeth breaking. I'd be shocked if you had any extreme reaction. If problems, help is nearby.
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I've actually discussed this process with my psychiatrist and therapist. They are encouraging and do their best to make me feel better about all of this. I just know that when I go into a depression it's not as easy as "smile! You'll cheer up!" Hopefully this will improve my self-esteem and make my depressive episodes less than they are. I'm embarrassed of my teeth so I never smile. Hopefully being able to do so again will make me feel better.

Thank you all for the input.
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sounds as if you have a great support team ready to help if you fall into despair.  I believe if you go into depression because of your smile (which wreaks havoc on your confidence) then you have realized the need to get the dentures.   Bless your heart and stay strong.   Help is all around :D
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I've suffered from depression and it's terrible. I'm sorry. My experience was i never wanted to smile and thought everyone could tell I was missing so many teeth. It was no picnic to get dentures. However, it did wonders for my self confidence. One of my sister's said it was wonderful to see me smile again. Eventually, I could eat most everything and I wasn't afraid to open my mouth. I'm glad you have a support system in place.
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Teeth are really very important for overall health. The people without teeth face many health & mental problems also.