Must I have a full denture put in as soon as all my upper teeth are pulled?

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Hi, I am a 50 year old guy, and already out of work for health reasons, I only have nine teeth left on the upper side, gums on upper side have receded around all nine teeth badly, and all but one of the nine are broken or bad. The four up front stick out a little, always have, I have never had a pretty smile. No one can tell me why my top teeth all went bad, but my lower teeth are great. Might be my Crohn's disease. I am going to have all nine on top extracted I hope at the same time, money is a real problem now since I have been sick about 15 months and not able to work. I have no income, my wife carries the load right now, which really bothers me. Four children, two are handicapped adults and live in group homes. Our 27 yr old son has one more yr of school, and we also have an 11 yr old daughter at home. Am I better off in the long run since all I have is a small dental insurance plan that pays 1500 per year to get them all pulled at once, and then (the real question) go home without a denture and let my mouth completely heal up over 3 or 4 months, then go back first of 2014 and get fitted for a full denture? Since a new year will have started I will have another $1500 with my wifes dental policy to help. Is there any harm or any benefit for not putting in an upper plate right away. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.
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Posted 6 years ago

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I had all my teeth pulled and had an immediate denture put it, but when I looked at myself in the mirror the teeth looked worse than not having any teeth. So, I went back to the dentist and we decided to wait a few months and make a new one. I just now got my new denture after not having top teeth for about 5 months and I'm not having problems. I actually think that waiting a few months is better for getting dentures that fit and look good. Plus, the pain of putting a denture in after that many tooth extractions is excruciating.
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omg  it  must hurt  im going to ask the dentist  about  that  how can your mouth heal with teeth  in there  I don't  
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Ur teeth protect ur gumes I am eight weeks out other than having bone spurs iam doing well. Still can chew food I guess I just need to practic. My mouth isn't strong enouhjt .after my lower jaw done is screwed in that will help.