My extractions and immediate dentures will be done and put in this Thursday march 27th. Im so scared.

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Hi everyone,
I am a 31 female, and a mommy to five. This Thursday I will have 28 of my teeth removed, including the implants I have in my mouth, six of them. Then of course have my immediate dentures put into place. I am so extremely nervous. I had spent 8 years ago, 31,000.00 on getting implants and had the worst experience ever! I am praying that this round will be a lot more smoother. I need as much advice as I can get at this time. I am going this Wednesday to buy all the products that I will need for afterwards. Any advice as to what type of Fixodent adhesive would be greatly appreciated as well as any other products that would help with the pain and of course the management and maintenance of my mouth and dentures. I know my dentist is going to be writing me pain medicines, but in my past with dental work it didn't help as much. So needless to say, I am so terrified of the pain.
The plan at the moment is I will be taking a Xanax a hour before I go in, my appointment time is at 11:00am. Then I pray that will chill me out, considering I have horrible anxiety in hospitals and dentist offices. You would think after having as many kiddos as I have that I would be a lot braver than this!
Then when I get there they are going to give me the nitrus oxide(laughing gas), as well as local anesthesia.
So please any tips, tricks and trades would be so greatly appreciated! :)
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Hello Crystal: IMO, the very best thing you can do is to constantly say to yourself is that yes, I will have to endure discomfort and/or pain(heck, you've done it quite a few times having your children), but, after all the teeth are removed, most of the issues with your mouth will be a thing of the past. I had all my uppers(3 teeth and 7 impacted/broken roots) pulled 3 weeks ago. No gas, just lots of novocaine needles. Dental work is one of the most awful and painful things to go through. Once the healing is over and you constantly look at that smile, you will say to yourself "it was rough, but it was well worth the pain". Getting dentures is a massive adjustment physically and emotionally, no getting around that. Please, bring out that strong and brave woman inside of you. Don't let fear scare you. You control your emotions, your emotions don't control you. This is my very first post, but god has given all humans the ability to help each other in some way, so I hope I can continue to do this for you. Best of luck and keep us posted when your able to.