Need some honest feed back on my immediate dentures I waited 4 months for!!

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I had 28 teeth extracted April 11, 2018 and many many many issues I have finally gotten my full set of immediate dentures today August 6, 2018 and I dislike them so much, one of the many reason I had to start over 2x on getting my immediate dentures is because the top teeth were so large, and now that I have picked up my final set I can almost swear they never changed out the teeth since the beginning, The top teeth I feel like are lop sided and take up the majority of the space I have in my mouth, My smile itself is much better but my overall appearance when I am sitting normally is not. I am all gums and teeth on the top and that is not how I used to look or even close. 

And I have just been an emotional wreck since I picked them up early this morning and am just looking for some honest feed back, I feel as if I still will not leave the house and if I do I will try my hardest to keep my mouth closed :( it wasnt supposed to be this way, I was supposed to be confident and proud when I got them. 
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I personally think they look great. To my eye I don't think the teeth look to big or that you look too "gummy". I wouldn't know they were dentures at all.

I on the other hand am all gums and teeth when I smile.Picture a horse with huge teeth and gums, or Julia Roberts. I've always been that way so I made sure to work witih the denture dude so we could make sure that when I smiled the gum to teeth ratio was correct. 

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This is my 3rd full set, each time the teeth were really large, I was so upset about it that I was willing to go 4 months with no teeth at all and then I picked these up today, My family is telling me they look fine I just know different lol, hoping i can adjust and then get my perms in October and they will be better then these
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Well what you need to do is take a picture of what your smile looked like nefore they went left and demand a new set. But your smile really looks pretty on this photo.
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I think they look very good,but i do see what you mean about them looking too big,when not smiling.. And maybe because I had the same issue, with feeling mine were too big, but i had other issues also,i couldnt even wear the bottoms,thdy ended up giving me my money back,because they couldnt get them right... i went without bottoms for 9 months. Finally got my permanents, tbey are much better..
good luck to you!
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Your's look great, I have only had bottoms for 4 months and i think that is my big hang up with these tops, I am used to having nothing there and now I have these big ol teeth there, I am going to try my hardest to get used to them and then go to a different dentist for my perms so i can maybe get something I like better. 
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Hey I had my fitting after 5months of issues yesterday. They were too big and hung down too long. I refused to accept them and now have to wait another 4 weeks, but I want them right. Honestly you have a beautiful shaped mouth/lips, and I dont think that size is your size.  But in saying that if someone who didnt know came across you they would probably not think anything of it. You look lovely anyway
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They/you look good & quite natural
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I think you look great.  We are our toughest critics.  I'm always staring at mine too and mine look a little lopsided in the front to me but nobody else really notices.  Just give it a little time to get used to it and I wouldn't worry too much about it since you'll be switching to perms anyway.  The wait sucks I know I'm counting it down to whatever my next step is.  I have to go back in to have all my bottoms done.  I only have uppers so far.
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Thank you, I am due for perms in October and I am looking forward to it though it may take a bit longer to save up the funds, I also plan on going to a totally different dentist because i simply feel like I cannot trust the one I went to this time, or his lab anyway. Nobody notices the lopsided I am talking about either, I find myself going to mirror constantly, I really hope I can grow to like them and not be so worried. Hope the rest of your journey goes easily for you. 
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jennifer #2 I have been aithout teeth for 5 months and have had 2 sets of horrible teeth made by my dentist as well, My gums are shrinking and bone is coming thru and Im in a lot of pain and dont knpw what to do, the bone is expoxed inside my mouth in numerous spots ughhhh. My temp denture gives me horrible headaches so I am trying to see if I can have an upper horse shoe denture made to wear while I finish healing just to have teeth to wear out of the house to my dr appts and to the grocery store. I wish you luck Im praying for some kind of miracle for everyone on here thats struggling,