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just got all my teeth pulled out buy an Oral Sur. 7 days ago and I have extremely painful gums now. I wore the dentures the first 24 hrs. like I was told to, now when I ware both the upper and lower plates they kill me. Is it ok to just ware one or the other until they stop hurting so much? When I do it that way it keeps the pain from being so bad. Or will this mess with the "adjusting" part of getting dentures for the first time. Also is it ok to use "Listerine" mouth wash while the stitches are still in my mouth. Its the normal mouth wash I have always used.
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I had all my teeth pulled 4 weeks ago I was advised to only use warm salt water rinses several times aday. That seamed to help. I have worn mine everyday and removed them at night to help my gums heal. If you have sore spots I would get them to adjust your dentures as quickly as you can before blisters start. That just makes it even more painful. As far as I was told it helps with the healing to have them in as much as possible. Mine is still tender and I still have some pain but it's not as bad as the fist 2 weeks. If you don't ware them they will hurt longer and chances are you will not get used to them as fast. I had problems with my speech at first but after your gums start shrinking and they do a tissue conditioner you will fit so much better and a lot of your complaints will resolve them slef. Hope that helped and hope you get some kind of relief.
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I’m sorry to hear that you are in pain. While initial discomfort is common, you may want to visit the dentist to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is going on. After your swelling goes down, that should help reduce the pain as well. Hope this helps and keep us posted on your progress!
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When I had mine out many years ago, also via oral surgeon, he told me to wear them day and night for the first two weeks for sure. And it was extremely painful for sure. I took pain killers, advil, tylenol , pretty much anything I could get my hands on. As soon as my gums actually began to heal I did get them adjusted where they needed to be. However over time I learned to just do that myself. lol,, with my nail kit.. (yea they don't want you doing that, but I did anyway). Definitely practice the alphabet and pronunciation. You may have bone fragments float out of your gums over time. That's almost normal. Even though my bones were somewhat ground down and leveled I still had a few. But having said all that, give yourself a break at least a few hours everyday. The salt water helps heal it faster for sure. I think the salt kind of has a numbing effect too.
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I had my 16 upper teeth pulled at once, then went 45 days with no upper teeth at all. So I would say sure you can leave them out for a bit. Just soak them in water so they dont shrivel up on you. I am now on day 31 of wearing my denture, so day 76 since my extractions, and my gums are still not 100% healed. I document all of my info on my forum/blog Ask I still wonder if there will come a day that I am 100% adjusted to wearing them. I may get used to it but I doubt I can ever forget.