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I can't figure out how to post on here. In fact my mind is not handling anything well. This new denture is wearing on me! I can only drink liquids. Adhesives don't last very long and never work for eating. I am so sorry I had this done! I am irritable with my husband and he does not deserve that. I am only z few weeks into the immediate denture after having all lower teeth removed. I know there is no going back. I get so confused when with the dentist I forget to ask questions. I am waiting to get a partial for the top. No molars up there. I know this adds to the difficulty. I wish I could tell my Mom how sorry I am for not trying to help her more when she went through this!!
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Hang in there, It takes time.. it gets better. 
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Write down your questions so you can get them answered when you go in to see the dentist.  Lower dentures don't stay in because there is no lower suction.  If you do not have stitches, you will need an adhesive.  The other thing to remember is you may have to change the way you chew and bite.  It is different with a denture than with natural teeth.  Natural teeth have bone for support, the denture does not.  You're going to want to stay with soft foods until your gums heal ( it was about 5 weeks for me) then slowly introduce harder foods ( I started with a McDonalds cheeseburger, skipped the pickles).  It's a process but well worth it.  
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I agree, write your questions down. I always have to for dentist and doctor appointments. I had a bottom partial first, about 4 years ago. Now I have a full set of dentures.

I have a pretty snug fit with my bottoms so they don't flop around as much. But these are also my immediates and permanents. The first month is the absolute worst and I remember feeling the same way on the second week, regretting what id done. But no other options on either side.

Maybe you could ask your dentist about a soft reline for a better fit? Time will drag on, especially when you're frustrated and can barely eat but it should get better from here on out!
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I am A year and a half into mine an still can't get my bottoms to stay still. I have been reading along here with everyone's solutions & still working on my solution. I wear my uppers but not my bottoms & have figured out how to eat without them. I only wear the bottoms if I'm not going to eat. It's ridiculous. And yes I had my dentist put the cushions in. I use the Fixodent Superior Hold with Fixodent Extra Hold Powder and as long as I don't eat they stay nice and firm. But, Fixodent now has a NEW cream Fixodent Ultra Max Hold that I want to try to see if that and the powder will have a better hold on my bottom denture. I am starting to agree with everyone here that it is a try it and see if works for you kind of thing with different products.
I know your pain I really miss eating certain foods especially crunchy veggies and different nuts. Good Luck it does get better.
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I know this was three months ago, but I want to help anyone who needs it. I discovered an odd trick for eating with my lower denture.  I have a denture cup, I got off of Amazon, that has a little tray in it that you pull up. I let my denture sit in it for awhile, until it is partially or fully dry. If it isn't fully dry, I use a towel to completely dry it. Then, and this is the odd trick. I put Fixodent in it and quickly put it in really cold water, denture, Fixodent and all. I let it sit for about 2 minutes. Then when I put it in, I press down on the both back sides with my fingers until I feel it's tight. By doing this, I can eat just about anything. I also learned, since there is so much in my mouth, to take baby bites. And I chew from the front. It takes some doing, but you can learn to eat with your dentures. If all else fails, there is a soft denture liner you can buy and put in yourself. The company is very supportive.  It has no taste and doesn't burn. If you want to know more about it, I'll be glad to share. Hopefully, this helps. Something else, look for Donna, Margaret and other denture wearers on youtube. I have found them to be very helpful.
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That is so awesome! Thank you for sharing
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Thanks for your supportive comments. I am having the reline done next week. End of july before I can snap into the implants. I'm hoping this will change everything for the better! So many sore spots under denture!!
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I now have my denture snapped into 2 implants. What a game changer! Eating is easier and like looks better. Implants are well worth the cost!