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 I am in the percentage where i can only chew soft food even with seabond. I miss eating  meat lol
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At home, practice.  Eat sloppy, eat hard, let it hurt, toughen up your gums and allow your perception of what eating is supposed to look and feel like.  'Cause it ain't like it was, that's for sure.  They don't tell you, when they tell you that you will have a smile without rotten teeth (a beautiful smile, uh huh!?), that you will always be uncomfortable eating with these without implants.  I don't know what it's like to have implants but it must be nice to not have them floating around in your mouth.  I say, Let yourself bite your cheeks, bite your lips, have scrapes, cuts and bruises during the process of learning and let crap get under your lowers until you learn to control them.  Otherwise, you may go without eating steak and such.  I ate a steak for dinner last night.  I've had my dentures about a year and a half.  I did not eat the steak at a restaurant, I ate it at home.  I can manage a hamburger at a restaurant but no way a steak because of the strife it is to chew it up and the amount the ends up on the plate "post-chewed" and not able to swallow.  I dropped my lowers about 3 months ago, BAM, right on the floor!  I super glued them together as they broke just about right down the middle.  And they fit like sh!t in the first place as my dentist is an idiot and lets the lab and his assistant take Nevertheless, I had to come to terms with all of the above and now I have better control and am able to eat out at restaurants also.  I don't use glue daily anymore as I have gained control of these things.  Every now and then I use glue on the bottom when I know I will be having a face to face conversation with someone, like when the boss comes to town to train on the scanner or something.  I do have the DensureFit on the top and that is comfortable and does not need to be reapplied for 6 months to a year or so.  I also use the Japanese product that is something like a pink stretchable-bubble gum product that hardens over a week to two weeks and needs to be reapplied.  Otherwise, my dentures would cut the hell out of my mouth and would just be too gross to use.  I'm just rambling now.  What new product is coming out soon?
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Thank you, The new product is similar to seabond i guess ,just by what i read on the board.
What is the Japanese product ? I am always looking for suggestions. I will be 2 years in May with a top denture and a bottom partial .  I get food stuck everywhere i have to  excuse myself whenever we go out to eat   (which is very seldom these days)   to go to the restroom and clean my teeth out  . It is easier with the seabond to remove the denture and clean it . I have tried  ALL the denture glues and paste . I have too  much saliva it loosens within 1 hour
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I can't begin to tell you the difference implants make. I would have given up I think. I know thousands of people make dentures work without them. I still have problems eating steak. Not chewing it, swallowing it! Sometimes when eating i get nauseated swallowing. My jaws do get tired chewing!! I am making it but never forget the denture is in there. I will be glad when I can reach my new normal and forget i even have it in! Best wishes to all. They sure don't or can't tell you how hard this is going to be. We will get through it!!
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1Spicy that is absolutely the exact same thing I go through. It's amazing what they don't tell you when they're waiting for you to buy a product! I'm going on almost a year with full dentures and it's hard, painful work...And that's putting it nicely without all the cuss words I use when I eat with them. Cuts, inner lips rubbed raw, lowers moving around like lottery balls in that machine, even a bruised hand from banging the table in frustration. Haha. I don't know if I'll ever get used to the bastards. It's just a new and totally uncomfortable chapter in life. To be honest, at home, I have figured out how to eat a lot of things without the dentures even in, because I want to enjoy the food and not have to work so darn hard all the time. I go long periods of just not wearing them at all when I'm alone or it's just my kids around, because I want to still enjoy life to an extent without the constant bulky and achy reminder that 2 hunks of huge, hard plastic are grinding their way into my flesh. For me, they are still purely cosmetic devices that I use to not look so awkward and awful around other people and hardly functional at all. I have found actually the easiest thing to eat are the the things my dentist said would be the worst: potato chips. I have tried steak several times and it's like trying to keep a freight train from derailing in there! I guess my muscle memory sucks but it's taking a long time to train my jaw. And I get sick of it really quickly. Good luck to you guys. This sucks!! Lol
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1Spicy: The new product is at Someone on this forum brought it to my attention so I Googled it. If it's not some scam, it sounds wonderful. I have the page bookmarked and will be looking for this.
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The Original Formula Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive is being reintroduced for sale on Monday. The new list retail price is $19.99 with free shipping.  Check out on Monday, before then only pre-orders are being taken through PayPal