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I just had my last top 8 teeth pulled 4 days ago and got immediate dentures, I cannot stop smiling as it has been about a decade since I smiled last. I am 34 years old and very happy I made the leap forward. Now with that said, I go back in 4 days for adjustments but in the meantime I find myself needing to rinse and re fixadent and reapply about 2 -3 times a day. Haven't ate anything besides soup and pudding yet, I'm too scared to try and I'm sure my gums are not ready. Is there anything I can try that will adhere a little stronger? Sorry for asking such a basic question, I'm just new and scared.
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We have similar stories. I only had 6 teeth left on top. Anyway, I had the same problem until a friend told me to try Secure. I’ve used it ever since. Unfortunately I’ve never found it in any store so I’ve had to order it on Amazon. It’s been about 4 years since I started using Secure and I haven’t used anything else since starting using Secure.
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Another good product is Poli grip. Far superior to Fixadent. I find fixadent is a lot like very soft bubble gum, just oozy and sticky.
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I didn't do immediates and I've only had my dentures for less than a month, but I started with SeaBond and I am pleased with the performance. I started only using it for the lowers every day, and the upper when I went out, but I like the feeling of security, so I use it whenever I put them in now.
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I found with Secure less is more..When I first got dentures I thought the more I used the better..found recently I was wrong. the more you put on them the less they bond because they don't fit like they are supposed to, so try using less goop. The idea of goop is to fill in where the dentures are not exactly fit to the gums.  Less clean up when you take them out, which should be nightly.
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I discovered a way to make my lower denture stay in longer.  For me, I found that I need to let my denture get dry, then add the adhesive, then spread it starting at the back of the denture to the middle, then from the middle to the other end. I use a floss stick. This way I get complete coverage without the excess oozing into my mouth, and my denture stays in more firm for longer. I also learned, from here, after soaking my dentures over night, it is important to use a denture brush to get the bacteria off of them. Hopefully, some tip here will help you.
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SECURE is good if u call them they will send u a full size tub for free.  Now that Cushion Grip is back are people going to o back to it or stay with SECURE.
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Never used cushion grip.  How does it work? I am staying with Secure unless someone can convince me of something better?!!
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That is so awesome that you are happy with your top denture.  I just find it so hard to understand why it is so loose after 4 days and to why your dentist has let you use an adhesive so early, especially while your gums are at a very early healing stage?  After about 3 weeks, if the dentures are still loose, your dentist should be giving you a soft liner, which would give a more snug fit as well.
I only have an upper plate, which I have had for 16 weeks and highly recommend SECURE adhesive as well.  Will be getting my permanent made soon.  I have found Secure adhesive easy to remove as well, even after 12 hours hold.  Gently wiggle, remove the denture, wipe the top of your roof with a wet wipe to remove any excess glue and then gently brush the roof of your mouth with a soft baby toothbrush with a dental toothpaste, to remove the rest.  Soak the denture in a dental soak, then brush gently with the toothpaste to remove the last of the glue. Easy :-)
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I've heard a lot about this secure stuff, but I've never used it, MY recommendation is Fixodent ULTRA. The bond with the fixodent ultra is out of this world. I have a friend who SWEARS by Poligrip but I've since convinced her to just try the fixodent ultra and now she wont use anything else.