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New to this whole thing. After years of failing teeth I finally pulled the plug( or something like that ) I am 3 days post full mouth extraction. Omg what did I do!! That night I ate about half a cup of yoghurt, it was all I could stomach , my extractions were done in the late afternoon so I pretty much slept. First day was a drugged haze , as I needed to go back for a post op check and take my teeth out. I have never felt anything so good as taking them out and rinsing. Yep I looked at my mouth in all its glory. Again in a drug induced sleep pretty much of full day 1 . Day 2 was a BBQ for my sons engagement - meet the whole wedding party. I actualy felt pretty good yesterday and ate soft macaroni salad and a hot dog sans skin . Walked around a fair and just had milk as honestly nothing at a fair is soft food . (Next year you bet I will be breaking my diet for that! ) Day 3 post extraction (today) I was hoping for a miracle I think - I had been lurking on here and started salt water rinses - my mouth looks actualy pretty incredible all things considered BUT Amy lowers REFUSE to go in- I look like a baboon !!! My uppers are fine as they can be considering my husband says my upper lip is protrudung but I guess when I go back they can fix this? I have my uppers out 3 times today rinsing and they have gone back in again but no dice with the bottoms - am I freaking out? Yes a bit, I have to go back to work tomorrow ! I guess I just need reassurance that leaving these damn bottoms out won't do anything terrible ?
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It gets better.  The fact that you were able to do something other than sit around and moan is a good sign.  Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since e day for me (I have full upper and lower denture), on Friday we went to Red Robin and I had a cheeseburger (that I ate with a knife and fork,) and it was wonderful.

Every day, it gets better.  I didn't use salt water, I used no alcohol Listerine (ick!!).  Now I use Wegmans citrus orange, and it helps with sore spots that develop. 

I don't even think about them being in any more, unless I eat.

Good luck and welcome.  Lots of good people here.
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5 months post on lowers 3months post uppers. I hardly wear my dentures at all if im at home . As for lowers i even go out without them in noone notices. When i have been wearing them all day i cant wait to take them out even though i cant feel them in there but when i take them out its like my gums feel free. (Similar feeling to taking of a bra)
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I can relate ! I am going back to work today without my lowers - honestly I don't feel that it will be noticable much and honestly I don't care !!!
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yup and agree with diane hate them
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I would encourage you to wear them as much as possible.  
Get adjustments.  
Have them relined.
Buy a DIY reline product.
Find what works for YOU or you'll never adjust to them.