One week in... what have I eaten?

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One week in  full immediate dentures and 21 extractions and here is what I have experienced:

Eating -
Day 1, Ensure as soon as I got home (lunch) and chocolate pudding for dinner.
Day 2, Ensure, mashed potatoes, more pudding
Day 3, Chicken noodle soup, ensure, ice cream
Day 4, French Onion soup (Campbell's condensed) more ensure, masked potatoes
Day 5, Chicken with Stars, scrambled eggs, more ensure (getting sick of it..)
Day 6, Cincinnati style chili (!) with ramen noodles, that damn ensure, Onion soup
Day 7, Tomato soup with roasted peppers (Progresso), mashed potatoes with condensed cream of bacon (the bacon was a bit difficult LOL)
Day 8, OH MY GOD I ATE A WHOLE 6 oz PIECE OF SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with some rice and cream of celery soup
Today - Campbell's Chunky veg soup (no issues!!!), and Mac and Cheese with some thinly sliced sausage links (notice the ensure is off the menu; I no longer rely on it and will drink it really cold as a shake from now on)

The main issues I have with eating are:

1. The inside of my lips are sore and it hurts to scoop the food off the spoon or fork. This is getting better.
2. I'm too sore to get my tongue way up to the side so when food gets up there I have to wait it out or drink sumthin'
3. The worst one - on Day 3 I had my first more or less hot food... and burned the livin' bejeezus out of my lips and the edge of the upper palate where the plate starts. This has led to much discomfort over the ensuing days. Instead of nuking my soup for 4 minutes, I nuke it for 2...
4. No, this is the worst one (!) really, and that is I gotta learn to be careful with the hot sauce till everything heals. I eat hot sauce on everything and I am talking ghost pepper, habanero, the hotter the better. Tabasco and Red Hot are just toys in my world...always had this proclivity and everyone buys me hot sauce for holidays. I've paid dearly for this as well over the last few days. The difference between this one and #3 is I'm still doing this...

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  • better overall except for my self-inflictions

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Great job on eating... I'm at my 6 month mark and yesterday .. finally... Kinda forgot they were there and just enjoyed a grilled burger with lettuce, cheese, fried onions and peppers, on a whole wheat beer bun....OMG success.
This is not the first burger but my point is that I just ate it without thinking about the denture, I think sometimes this is the problem..we think instead of just doing. I suppose this is just another milestone we need to overcome.
Congratulations on your success, keep up the good work.