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Well one week ago today I had all my teeth removed.  It's really been one of the hardest things emotionally I've ever been through.  Days 1-4 had me feeling like I had made the worse decision of my life, but I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that this is just who I am now.  I have an amazing dentist who texts me nightly to see how I'm doing, (I think he feels for me since really I got the raw end of genetics) and I have so much support from the family and few friends who know what I'm going through.

So far, I have no sore spots, a few trips to my dentist has sorted them all out, although they feel loose.  I'm sure as soon as the stitches are out and I have the okay, I'm gonna have to start using glue.  I'm okay with it.

I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO DRINK!!  Well like a normal person, anyway.  And I've been able to eat a little with both my top and bottom teeth in.  I have tried to chew a little and it's not happening.  WAY to painful and the dentures don't stay in place.  Trying not to be frustrated, but damn it, I miss food so much.  I just gotta keep telling myself to be patient.

What started as despair is changing to hope.  Not that the teeth don't hurt as much (although my jaws are a totally different story) and the fact that I'm speaking fairly well makes me think I'll get through this.

I absolutely hate the way I look without teeth, but moreso, I hate the ways my face and jaws and lips feel. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.  I know they say to take the teeth out at night, but I think once I'm in a good place, I'll wear them to bed and take them out for a while just for daily cleaning. More than just the looks of them, they give my face, muscles, lips, cheeks all a place to be. 

Anyway, just wanted to post an update.  (I guess mostly for myself, but hopefully it will encourage anyone new who felt as terrible as I have.)  I'm not saying I don't still have my moments.  In fact, a majority of my thoughts are still negitive, but there are some okay ones popping up now and then.  That's something so I'm gonna roll with it.

Now if only I could have some chips and salsa... or sushi, or pho, or anything delicious for that matter...
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  • like there's hope.

Posted 3 years ago

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Marcia and Jana: I know others have had a harder time than I have had, and others have had an easier one. I have a full upper but only a lower partial, so my situation is a little different than yours. Each of us, myself included, has to understand the uniqueness of our situations, and offer the best advice we can. I'm 6 weeks in from the final extractions, and I know beyond anything else that the one thing we do have in common is that each of us is addressing a critical health issue and that we can use all the encouragement we can get.

Someone pointed out once that most dentists - or the customer reps for that matter - have never gone through what each of us is either going through now or will go through soon. That makes our experiences especially valuable, even if everything we share doesn't apply to all of us. For example, I've got good suction on the upper palate, and I don't need any adhesives. But as my gums recede, that may not be the case a month or two from now. Also, I may yet lose my remaining bottom teeth, and getting used to a full bottom denture is a whole new challenge. So I'm paying very close attention to the discussion from Melanie and others about various adhesives, and to people like you.

These are stories that grow in the telling, and they are immensely valuable. I hope that you find the comfort and support you need during what we all concede is a difficult time, and that you are able to get rid of any regret about what will probably turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. My best wishes go to each of you. Joseph
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I spent months worrying about this. I would wake up in a cold, panic-stricken sweat in the middle of the night. Three dentists told me I had no choice, so I had to accept the inevitable. It was a bitter pill to swallow and I wasn't happy about it. Less than a week into my full extractions, I'm still in shock, but adjusting. I can do this. My temporaries look really good. I'm healing normally. I miss real food, but my dentist tells me I'll get there. I working on my diction... I whistle when I try to say "S" words and unfortunatley my name has two of them, lol. If you haven't seen her videos, go to youtube and search Beach Chick. She hasn't posted in ages, but her day-by-day video journal is so inspiring and she looks fabulous! I wish I had the guts to do what she did with her videos. She was awesome! Five weeks in and she was eating Doritos! There is hope!