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I am 36 and just had to have the remaining 8 upper teeth taken and my new dentures put in 3 days ago. I am going to see my dentist tomorrow for this first time since the horrible event (having my teeth removed), but I am having problems NOW and want to know if anyone can help me.
On my face where my nose meets my cheeks have lumps inside my mouth! Not to mention I have only been able to eat maccaroni and cheese, and peach frozen yogurt after it has melted some what. Plus my upper's feel really thick in the ruth of my mouth. Tonite is the first night that I will be taking my dentures out, I am scared to death!!! I am afraid that I won't be able to ge them back in, ohhhhhhh.
I really just need some support from fellow denture wearers!!
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I'm so sorry to hear this, you are too young a person to be in dentures. It will take so time and getting used to, unfortunately things will not get any better from an eating standpoint. Just remember to keep them clean, take them out every night, don't trap food and harbor bacteria to advance further bone loss. offer's folks a way to receive beautiful new fixed teeth that don't come out at night. good idea to learn what's out there, dentures are not the end of the road solution.
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I'm on day 5 and still unable to eat anything so you are one up on me there :-).
I was terrified of taking mine out the first time, day 2 for cleaning in my case. I had all 24ish of my teeth extracted before having my immediate dentures put in and it was, for lack of a better word, mingling when I took them out! With the top I use my tongue to loosen them first and with the bottoms I rock them till they are loose. Be careful of any clots though! That's the disgusting bit.
Good luck x
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Yup. Dentures are a journey. It is going to get better.
Let me start at the beginning.
I was raised in a home that did not allow candy or soda. My parents took me and my 2 siblings to the dentist every 6 months. I always had cavities that need to be filled during those visits. My record was 12 fillings in one visit (not a proud moment).
As a young adult I had 3 crowns, a root canal and root planning. It did not save my teeth. I had 2 more break, and my bottom front became loose. I expected 2 more crowns and a bridge on the front lowers. That did not happen.
At 48 years old on November 20th 2013 I had all 28 of my teeth removed. The dentist installed what he called a soft reline. "SOFT"? I don't think so.
My gums hurt and I could tell you where all of the pain was by calling out my teeth. The "eye teeth", the "molars", my "lower front teeth".
I knew my gums hurt, but soon realized that the stitches were causing just as much pain. I had a denture adjustment 11/26/13 and that helped. I had my stitches removed 12/6/13 and that helped also. My dentist gave me a small tube of adhesive (Fixodent) to us on the lower back part and that helped a lot.
I soon found Cushion Grip. Wow! That helped to make the denture fit great, but I still had pain.
Well, today I went to replace the Cushion Grip, but accidently also removed the liner on my top denture. What the hell? Today is Christmas! This can't be! Oh well. I removed the entire "soft liner" and replaced it with the last of my Cushion Grip.
Wow! My top denture has never felt better. I plan to do the same to my lower denture when my next order arrives.
I don't recommend removing the liner on your dentures, but I only have two weeks until I see the dentist for a reline, so what the heck.