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I'm having trouble keeping my bottoms in. I have only had them for a week. They are my temporary ones. My saliva is going crazy. I'm trying filament today. I've tried sea bond and politely but none work. All I want to do is eat without my teeth popping out. Any help would really be great
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Hi Bobbi, welcome!

I'm sorry you having so much difficulty with your lower denture. I personally have only a partial so I do not share your problem exactly, however, I did a quick search of the forum for similar topics and found a few that might be helpful for you. 

This one has quite a lengthy discussion that addresses your specific issue:

What you're experiencing is common as the lower denture does not have the benefit of suction to hold it in place like an upper denture does. It's really going to be a journey for you to find an adhesive that will help you.

Hopefully there is someone here currently who can offer you greater support. 
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Bobbi anger-locke

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Thank you so much
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Bobbi, I feel your frustration.  My bottoms would never, not matter what I tried, stay in.  Unfortunately, I had to get 2 implants and they have saved  my sanity.  My teeth snap in and don't move now.  I can eat anything.  The implants are costly but I believe worth it.  Good luck!
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I to feel your pain Bobbi . I had all my teeth removed 8/3/15 and it's been hell to say the least. But things are getting better. But too this day I can't wear my bottoms for long. One reason they are to big. Because there cheep because I'm a disabled nurse with no money or insurance. I have bought every product out there sea bond was my favorite but it causes more sores . The only product I have found that works is super poli grip powder extra strength . Fixodent Didn't work for me it say to use only once a day. But they wouldn't stay all day. I even bought stuff from Amazon that didn't work either. U will get some soft relines soon and they will help a lot if your dentist uses the white power that taste very very bad but works great starts with a V but can't remember the name. We don't like to suffer and we want things fixed now but with teeth there is no fast fix. It does take time. salt water rinses also help with the sores and so does aloe gel u can find at health food store or unless u have a plant that's the best just rub it on your gums. MUST BE PURE ALOE !!!!!! And must be gel not liquid . The other kind is not for consuming . Be careful the more u keep putting products on your dentures the more sores u will cause. (Meaning denture products) Snug was another great product for me . Neither my top nor bottoms would fit. can wear my top plate all the time. It takes lots of adjusting to get your teeth to fit and your gums change a lot over time. They get smaller and smaller which is another reason why the bottoms don't fit. I cut my food up into very small bits and I chew very slow. Still eating soft food and can't bit into anything like a sandwich. Always chew in the middle and not the back or front. In nursing they don't teach us about teeth so I thought I was being smart and used a hard toothbrush and brushed off the enamel and brushed hole in the gum lines. I am lucky to have a friend that is a dentist he has helped and thought me a lot. If u do decide to use the poli grip read the instruction good and do just like it says. And has things heel the saliva will get better. It does stop after a while. Sorry I hope I helped u some sorry to be so long winded.ots not fun but it will get better like everyone says but I know we want it fixed now. And it does get tireing and old. Thankfully time goes by fast these days.
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Use fixodent powder. Experiment with how much to use till you get it right. Cover the powder with water using a medicine dropper. Let it sit 5-10 min before you put it in. Wait about an hour or 2 before eating. I eat everything I ate before
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I'm going to see if the Medicaid dentist will do a reline like I was promised after 6 months. I prefer eating w/o my dentures but doing so make my gums hurt. Never figured that almost a yr later they would still be a pain in the ass, I have tried almost every kind of Fixodent, seabound lowers & walmart polygrip. If I stick with soft foods, very tiny bites & basically NO CHEWING  I can eat with these crappie dentures.
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I am also having problems with my bottom dentures.  I have to keep in my mind that these are temporaries and in 6 to 8 months I'll get my permanent ones.  Every day my gums and bone is changing and I have fairly good suction on the tops but nothing at all to hold the bottoms in.  Today I am using Polident extra strength powder.  Last week I was using Fixodent powder.  I think it is so much better than the cream glue yucky stuff.  But it doesn't matter what I try if I try to eat anything solid at all the bottoms rock and come loose.  It sure is a ruff ride sometimes.  I tried to eat a tiny piece of smoked brisket in public last week and had to excuse myself and go stick them back down.  Then just ate the potato salad and beans.  I am learning to eat lots of things without my teeth and it tastes so much better but I have got to learn to eat with them in somehow.  Good luck and just try to remember that it will get better one day.  But I am beginning to think it won't ever be normal again.
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Thats what I noticed to-with dentures you can't taste food anymore-kinda kills the desire to eat.
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  • 40 Reply Likes taste with your tongue, not your teeth. It is, I agree, a challenge to enjoy eating again while you have new dentures. Treat yourself to something soft that you really enjoy like cake. Take a small bite and chew slowly. Take your time. Let your tongue and your teeth work as a team.
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Diana, while you are correct that we taste with our tongues, I will however say that we enjoy foods with our entire mouth. For example, I absolutely hate Jell-O. I don't hate the taste, I hate the texture. The same holds true for oatmeal and several other things.

Prior to getting my dentures I absolutely LOVED these salted-caramel bars that are available at my grocery store. It was in fact the very last thing that I ate before having my teeth pulled and dentures put in. They were also the very first soft food that I tried. I hated it. It tasted awful, so bad that I spit it out.

In my opinion, in order to truly enjoy a food it takes your entire palate. If you are simply eating for sustenance, then chew with your teeth, taste with your tongue and keep at it. But if you have a full denture be advised that you may find that things taste different.
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I agree. When I eat foods I really liked before a lot of them taste funny or no taste at all.