Problems with new dentures

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Hi people, I am happy I found this site as I am having problems with my dentures and not sure if it is my denturist or me. I am only 37 and have had bad teeth for the past 5 years. I went without a majority of my back teeth for some time and about five months ago got the last of my front pulled. About 2 months after my front teeth, I got permanent dentures made. I am having so many problems. Pain on the bottom, they do not seem to stay in no matter what. The top feel like they do not have any suction, and when I eat on the right side my left upper pops down. Infact if I apply pressure with my finger to my. upper right side they pop out, denture adhesive does not correct this problem, infact I think it makes it worse?

Am I over reacting or does it just take time, as I said I am 2 weeks with my new dentures tomorrow. Any input would be much much appreciated. Thank you and have a great day
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Posted 4 years ago

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I have both top and bottoms. I got my permanent teeth the day they pulled all mine. It does take time. I didn't eat with dentures for first 2 months. But what I have learned is a new way of eating. When you had your own teeth, you would grind the food. Now you have to start doing a chewing motion up and down on both sides at the same time. Keeps the bottoms level and doesn't pop up. Very small bites. As time goes by you train your mind how to eat and it gets where you don't think about how you are eating. I have to go and rinse my teeth after I eat because things stick to them and gets under them, sometimes during meal I have to go rinse the bottoms to get out the food. And meat is hard to eat for me, feels like a wad of rubber so I stay away from that. Hope this helps some.
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I had full a upper & a partial lower put in I think a month today (Friday).  Had my usual trips back to the Dentist for check ups. But I've been experimenting with different types of adhesives & found tha t less is way better than over doing it. Which could add to the problems your having. I've found that  adhesive powder work well for a short while & a waterproof brand also isn't to bad. I don't have any suction to speak of yet & once food or liquid hits it's a bit of a hit and miss as to how long it will last. I avoid hot drinks altogether. I have found that eating soft foods such as seedless grapes is a great way to train yourself in the new way to chew