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After applying Secure, which acts like a super glue, how do I remove my dentures? Do I pull straight out or rock them side to side? Also, is the Secure relatively easy to remove from dentures and my gums? I bought some wipes called "Clean It". They are mildly abrasive in order to remove the Secure. Anybody ever use them?
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I use the wipes to remove secure and Fixodent powder fir my mouth. The cloths work better wet for me. The longer my dentures are in, the easier they are to remove. I use secure when my dentures are getting looser before a reline otherwise I stick with Fixodent powder. I rock my dentures to break the seal before I can get them out. Then I rinse them in water and use a brush. I let the water run a little longer so if any secure goes down it doesn't stop in the trap. Any secure left over swells up while they are soaking and the next morning I use a denture brush and it cleans easily. Hope this helps.
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I highly recommend against pulling your denture straight out when using Secure. It will hurt very bad! I speak from experience.

According to a conversation between a Secure representative and myself, unless you really want your dentures out, there's no reason to remove them. You are perfectly safe to leave them in and just use a soft or ultra-soft toothbrush and denture toothpaste (I just use alcohol free mouthwash) to brush your teeth.

That being said, because of my lower bone structure I can't keep my lower denture to stay in no matter what I use. The Secure strips keeps it in for 10-12 hours (which I find amazing, don't get me wrong) but I don't have to worry about getting those out each night. The tops would stay in for a couple days I think.

What I do is reach in and get the far back of one side and pull down just enough to loosen it. And then repeat on the other side. Start rocking back and forth, eventually it will loosen and then you can pull it out. I just toss the dentures directly in to soak with 1/2 Secure adhesive remover and hot water. As for what is left in the mouth, I grab what I can with my fingers and then I also use Clean It sheets - I cut them in half, I start with it dry and keep a paper towel near by (for the gobs), and finish off rinsing my mouth with equal parts HOT water and mouthwash WITH alcohol and then brush my gums.

It sounds like a lot, but it quickly becomes second nature!

Good luck!
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Oh and when I said 1/2 Secure adhesive remover, I meant that I use 1/2 tablet.

I should also say that when I go to clean my teeth after soaking them, I wipe the gunk off them with a paper towel.

I don't worry about the particles that are at the bottom of my soaking dish (I bought one that has a basket in it) going down the drain, but I do my best to not let any globs - large or small - go down. Since it isn't water soluble and I don't have the money for a plumber why chance it?

After the goop is wiped away I brush the teeth in very hot water and use a denture brush. Some days I put the dentures in another container with cold water and a splash of alcohol free mouthwash just for taste.

And of course I brush my gums & tongue with ultra-soft toothbrush before putting them in.

I have a box of alcohol wipes and I use one of those to wipe the Secure off my fingers after I spread it around when I'm first applying it.