Secure adhesive~~~~is it really waterproof??????!!!!!! I don't have alot of bone so my bottom dentures denetures

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I dont have alot of bone on the bottom so my lower dentures don't stay stuck very long. I use Secure and also drink alot of water durning the day. When I take out the lower plate to reapply adhesive there is nothing left on the plate. So does this mean that the water I drink during the day is disolving. the Secure??? Meaning Secure is NOT WATER-PROOF?????!!!!!
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  • disgusted!!!

Posted 4 weeks ago

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To  Carol Nemec

Unfortunatly lower dentures are always a problem

I know nothing about fixadents but I do know 2 implants  

 would solve your problem.  If you finance them thru a 

credit card (Discover Card  has excellent new customer rates)  

or some other plan it might work for you 

Good Luck


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I believe secure is waterproof. It's just as you are drinking the water, without realising, the adhesive comes loose and you swallow it.
Have the same issue on bottom set but with poligrip adhesive. Hope it isn't harmful lol. Must have a few tubes worth in my stomach haha
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You might want to try DinaBase 7, or Cushion Grip.  Those are waterproof.  The trick is to get them the right thickness...not too thick, not too thin.  Your denture will need to be completely clean and dry when you put either of them on it, too.  You can find both of these online.  I have not found DinaBase 7 in the U.S. so far, but it can be purchased and shipped.

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Secure has been water proof for me, even when drinking hot drinks and lasting up to 12 hours hold.  But I only have an upper denture.  I've heard lowers are harder to keep in
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I have the same issue with my lowers. Have tried just about every adhesive on the market with the same result. I am quite certain that I drink as much soda (Dr Pepper) as you drink water. Since fluids don't have any impact on my uppers, I doubt that water is our problem. It seems to me that lowers coming loose in a short amount of time is problematic for just about everyone. I'm going to Google the DinaBase 7 adhesive that was mentioned by Nola Walker Martin in her reply to your post. Hopefully it will work for me, too. Good luck and thank you for your post.
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Secure is waterproof.  Matter of fact if you read the directions and information on the paperwork that comes in the box packed with the tube of Secure the only way to totally remove applied Secure from your dentures is to use the Secure Denture Cleaning Tablets.

You can wash your dentures with soap and water and it will appear that you have removed all of the applied remnants from you dentures.  But, if you soak them over night and check them in the morning you will find that there is a swollen film layer of Secure still in place where the night before you cleaned every little bit of the adhesive off of the denture, or at least it appeared that you cleaned and removed any remaining Secure adhesive.

Now the Secure Cleaning Tablets can pose another issue if you use a temporary soft lining material.  Seems that the Secure Tablets are so strong that it not only removes the waterproof Secure adhesive that remained to the denture, but also causes many of the temporary soft lining material to release their hold and or soften and loose their shape.

Kind of a Catch 22 situation to say the least.

I have also tried Cushion Grip, matter of fact I am on my second tube.  I find Cushion Grip not to be a adhesive but more of a soft reline material.  It will snug up the fit of dentures, but in my case at least, it does not provide a holding grip on it's own.  Even the directions make mention that may people will still use a denture adhesive to provide more of a confident grip.

I have the same issue with limited bone or gum to hold my lower in place.  It's only been 3 months since my extractions and I will deal with trying to find better grip over the next 3 months.  Who knows, I may at that time to have my permanent dentures made and fitted then Super Glue those suckers in place.  Wonder if Flex Seal will work on dental issues.  Yes I jest, but sometimes you simply have to make the best out of a bad situation.

If I find the answer to our problem, I will certainly share the secret with you.  And would expect you to do the same in
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One last word on using Secure, the surface of the denture where you are applying Secure has to be dry.  Dry as in DRY.  Being waterproof if there is moisture between the adhesive and denture the Secure cannot/will not form a tight Secure bond.
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I have also noticed that if I drink a couple of Beer that my adhesive (of any brand) tend to begin to fail to hold their grip.  If I drink hard liquor (and I'm talking straight with out any mixer) there are no issues at all.  Now as a habit, I don't drink carbonated soda drinks.  But, I did try a test and forced myself to drink a couple of soda and found that they also caused some adhesion issues.  My guess, and it's only a guess is that it has to do with the carbonation of the drink.