Soft reline one week post extraction?

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E-day was Thursday 5/10. Had 16 teeth extracted with a few of those being difficult as the root tips broke off so some significant gum damage. Went in for post op the following day did an adjustment. It's now 5/13 and they feel so loose on top they rock constantly and are cutting into the top of my lip. The bottoms are loose in back and rubbing up front. Dentist wants to do a soft reline 5/17. Am I going to be healed enough that this doesn't pull the clots from my sockets? Won't I need another reline in a few weeks?
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Christi. Welcome. Just home from Church and well received as I am now toothless! I am 67 retired RN that started with my youth as my Dad would tie a sting around my loose tooth and slam the door. Now I am still haunted by his doings and needless to say he was toothless. Their dentures floated in one sink in farm house for 7 people. Rightly so that was where I thought dentures belonged! Now to continue with that input I early on in life was a candy stripper and worked in a retirement Home in all areas. Bathing. Baths. Cooking and yes even cleaned out the basement to make room for more freezers. Well I looked around and all residents had dentures that were coated with food partials from many meals! I like to help so I gathered all dentures and put them in a 5 gallons bucket! I scrubbed them in bleach soap and water. I was so proud of what I was able to do for them. Home for sleep and a new day began! I went right to the bucket of clean teeth and headed for their dining room which had plastic red and white table cloths on them. Now something was Wrong. And My Light Bulb Went Off As I Nor They Knew whose Teeth Were Whos!!! So began my life of false teeth. All so true. I hope you found humor as I have thought of sharing this story one Day ! I am through this Site now! My Dentist all found great amusement. God gave us two sets of teeth and the human ability to have dentures in some degree! Sells stem Cell would and maybe addressed for people if they reach this stage of life! Your bottom bone wears out four times faster than the top. Just keep going. Lilly
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You will have more than one soft reline over the course of healing. I had 3 maybe 4.
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Ok that makes more sense. Going in for an adjustment today because I'm in so much pain from sore spots that I can't get them back in.
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Relines happen on a fairly regular basis for most folks - be ready for it.  I had one done at the 1 week mark as well.  Oddly enough, I didnt need another until about 3 months later and havent had one done since then.  I'm due for one, just havent gotten around to getting it done yet.
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I’m almost 8 months post extraction. Just got another reline on my temporaries last week and it changes your whole outlook on life. Lol. Having the uppers snug up makes popping them in and out so much easier.
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17 day post extraction, upper a little loose has to us a little powder adhesive.  My dentist says see him for some adjustment in July.  Hoping everything goes well  With the reline, you have had no monkey mouth.  assume. That is my fear with a reline.  please advise thanks