Starving & in constant pain.

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I am a 38 yr old mom of a 17 yr old and a 6.5 month old and I just had 16 extractions and 4 roots cut out yesterday. I am trying to not feel like I'm constantly starving and my neck and throat are killing me I had to be put out totally in a hospital for the surgery. Any suggestions for things to eat besides broth, tea, water and ensure shakes? Also I was only given 10 pain piss is that really supposed to get me through the pain? I am in tears nearly every waking moment.
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  • hurt and hungry

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I'm sorry you're having a rough time. As far as food maybe some yogurt, lukewarm mashed potatoes. My son is disabled and can't chew and I mush up (with a fork) meals called Hormel Compleats for him. It's highly processed food so not sure its too healthy but it's filling and flavorful.
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Blender Smoothies with Protein Power.  The cold feels good and you can get all the nutrition your body needs.  Warm salt water rinses help the healing.

This whole "Opioid Epidemic $#!+" has Doc's scared to provide adequate Pain Meds IMHO.

Alternating Tylenol and Advil is said to be effective by some.*  I wouldn't let them touch a single tooth until I was assured copious amounts of Percocet.   

I had 26 extractions.  25 of the 26 broke and my dentist had to drill/dig the roots out.  Numbed only.  No anesthesia.  The first couple of days were a little rough until the swelling went down, but all in all it really wasn't that bad.  We are all different.

Benzodent or Orajel Extreme can also help.

*Check with your Dentist, but here's a link on the Tylenol/Advil method:
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70 years old and I had 25 pulled three weeks ago. I have found the best way not to starve is to chop real food really fine like teeth do and let my tongue and palate move it down my throat. My immediate dentures are an expensive disaster that are sitting in a cup. But I eat. I ain't gonna starve just to have teeth in a smile. Not many reasons to smile right now anyway.

And chocolate milkshakes have returned to my life too. I had forgotten how much I love'em. Between eating other chopped up stuff.
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I'm sorry you had such a rough time. Ask the surgeon for lidocaine gel. It numbs the surgical areas if you put in on carefully with a toothpick. If it goes on your throat or tongue it will numb that too. ! Try taken one Tylenol with the Percocet every 4 hours and it will really help with the pain.
Eating can be difficult be patient it will happen. Scrambled eggs mashed mac and cheese pasta with a little butter yogurt ice cream of course . I wish you luck.