Teeth color... which did you choose?

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Today I went for my immediate wax bite impression and they had me look at colors... they had some crazy dingy looking colors and they had some white af colors.. like celebrity status white.
They had me look at B9 or B2.. I forget.. anyway... idk, I think the ones they showed me as for color looked tarnished.. so I went with A1.. it didn't look pure white and looked like the shade I have now but a little whiter if that makes sense lol..
I want to know what you decided on and why?...
Ill be doing my try on next week... but here's the catch... I still have my natural teeth so I'll only see the teeth that are kissing at this point... I won't see final until the day of my surgery with the oral surgeon when in wake up...
The A1 didn't look too off either from my natural bottom teeth.. and I kind of wanted them to be a little more white then the bottoms anyway... since when I speak, my uppers you notice more and when I smile.
Oh and I chose A1 also bc I read that dentures stain... sooo bc I don't smoke or anything... I wanted to make sure the color lasted longer then that of a smoker lol.
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I don't remember the number of the color but I only have top & wanted them to match somewhat with bottoms although I did go a little lighter. Not bright white. I didn't want them to stand out too much but I think it's really a matter of preference what you want & what you want to see. Good luck!