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Look & feel like Halloween prop. Even with afhesives, THEY R A DAMN JOKE!! And NOW this Affordable Dentures that cost 2300 is now closing its office after I only been able to use them for 2 mos. And its a PART-TIME DDS at that, filling in 1-2 days a week. Try getting an appt. Suppose to have UNLIMITED ADJSTMENTS FOR 60 DAYS!! Another frggn joke!! UNLESS, I want drive 2 hrs north or 2 hrs south for another of their offices.
With all of that, I dont know what THEIR "IDEA of an adjustment is. They say, Dont secure temps when u come in. Then how do I show u idiots HOW THEY DO NOT FIT!!! AND I SWEAR, IF THAT ASST TELLS ME ONE MORE TIME, "Be patient with the temps, be patient with yourself and be patient with the process" Of LEARNING HOW TO DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! UGH. Eating, speaking, swallowing, breathing, etc. Ugh AGAIN.
SO, MY FELLOW SUFFERORS, are the temps just hell to get to fit, stick, etc, or is it just me or these cheap fly by nite dental office franchises?
Jana Anderson. Plz advise.
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Posted 2 years ago

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combination of both.  Report them Dental Association.  Ken knows a lot of info reach out to him.  Ted also is excellent.
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Jana: Each state has a Dental Board that will receive "quality of care" complaints. It is also known as "peer review." It is similar to the state medical associations that monitor physicians. It is not binding, but they can sometimes use moralsuasion to get someone to act on a complaint.

I had luck in the past with the Better Business Bureau when I had to deal with SiriusXM. Again, they have no legal power to force someone to do something, but they do get results if someone wants to keep the BBB seal of approval. You'll need to contact the BBB office closest to the AD office.

Each state attorney general's office has a consumer hotline. If you can put up with a phone tree for a couple of minutes you can usually get to someone who can counsel you on the best way to proceed.

Each of these resources should allow you to post the nature of your complaint online.

Finally, I would assume that since Affordable Dentures is a practice affiliate model - the dentists essentially are working under the AD franchise - there should be some interest in the corporate HQ to maintain practice standards, much as McDonald's is interested in food quality and clean bathrooms in their franchisee operations. Here's the link: http://www.affordabledentures.com/contact-us/index.html or you can call 1-800-336-8873.

Beyond that, temps are tough to deal with. I know, and I hope things get better for you soon. There are more than 200 AD affiliates around the country, and sometimes a few bad practitioners get in the door. That may have happened in your case. I'm sorry for your troubles, and I hope this is helpful. If you'll share the AD site that you used, I can tell you where to write/email/call. Good luck to you. Joseph
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Yep... agree with what Joseph has stated here.
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After over a year I still have my temps, bottoms still dont fit, Contact the corporate office of the place.
I know your frustrations. Ive not smiled in two years thanks to the lack of compassion of dental persons.
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Took a while for me. I kept shrinking so the denture would stop fitting again. Finally the dentures were sent away (overnight) for a re-line. It cost me a little bit of $ but not much. When they returned, they fit great. Now they are starting to get a little sloppy again... just a little. I use "Secure" which seems to fill in the gaps and keep my teeth in place and comfortable for the entire day. I buy it from Amazon.
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I'm sad for you. I know how it feels. Since they are closing, look around for dentists..maybe NOT a franchiese, that give FREE first consultations. Find a few. See what they can say and if you like them. They are YOUR employees. They don't do this for free. They will want business, but I've learned not to trust a dentist as far as I can throw them. However, I've found MANY on this site who have had great outcomes, so I know they are out there. And if they want to charge too much...negociate. YEP, you can. That's why I say find a few with a free first consultation. My temps were too big, but they were able to grind them down to fit better. I cannot afford permanments, so I made clear they had to fit. Well, they look much better, however I cannot eat with them. I do not know if in my case it was the person who did the molds or the way my mouth is. They say me. It is very hard to run around to dentist, I understand, to try to find a trustworthy one. But, I think, for you, if you can find a doctor that can make them fit more comfortably, that will be milestone. I don't know if you have had soft relines yet or a hard reline. Sounds like no. My dentist did not even tell me about them. And they just tell me no to hard reline. They think I need new set of dentures all over again. I told them I spent all I could. So now I hear nothing. So , I had mine grinded down to fit better...they did it little by little....afraid theyd take too much. I wanted done all at once. Finally they did. then they did a soft reline. I heard about it on here. But, that didn't help. So then I said now listen up, I spent 7000 for these, they have to at least fit in my mouth. so another soft reline, and I haven't been back. But, if I had to do over I would of said at the beginning to keep grinding them till they fit better. Then after you heal more, it can take months, (or sooner) your teeth should slide into gums better. I've heard of Denturists on this site. All they do is try to get the teeth to fit, unlike at dentist office where they are doing cleanings, cavieties etc. They just work with dentures. But, I found out they are not everywhere. Just a suggestion. You can goggle online for where you live, I hope you get the help you need and quickly. I was so stupid to trust mine, and I started to not go out as much...cause had to mess with my teeth and now I've developed a bad habit of just staying around house. So don't let that happen to you. Many on here have had your type of trouble only to come back and say they went to another dentist and in one day, it made all the difference. I hope so for you too.
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How long have you had your temps? You're gum could be healing/shrinking, they won't fit perfect if you're still in the healing process. At 6 months your gums should be fully healed, in between that get soft realign at 6 months hard relign, they should fit snug if they know what they're doing , they should fit better than they do now. I do feel your frustration as I'm only a month into my dentures but they are slowly getting better
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My immediate upper denture fell out within an hour of having my oral surgery!! But I went to my dentist that day and they put in a soft reline and then they fit good lasted about a week now I just had my second reline at 14 days and they are fitting real good again. It definitely takes time for your gums to heal and stop receding once they are done they should fit like a glove! Also I was told when you have them do the reline take some water with you and keep taking drinks and swish it around to make sure they don't move so that is what I did the second time and no water got underneath and they stayed up!!
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I am happy for you, but I can't believe that I was so stupid with my dentures. Not only would they not do that, they wouldn't of even told me it was an option. I had no idea!!. But, your experience does show that there are dentist out there that will do a good job. Or at the least if they mess up, they will take care of it. Mine kept telling me I wasn't doing what they told me. I would say, I'm doing it down to a T. I hope more get on this site Before they go for dentures. So they are informed. I see that my dentist didn't even do my reline like yours did. And they certainly didn't give me instructions. The goo they used, had a strong smell..at least mine did, and made me sick. I had some sort of reaction to it. That does it
..im not quitting..im going to another dentist. I had given up. Thanks for your post.