Tried of stuff that says it works great and don't !!!!!

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I have had my dentures now for about 8 months and I still hate them I get my dentist to reline them every 2 wks.Mistake # 1 I made is I went out of town to affordable dentures . Instead of saving up some money and just making payments. Then I would have better fitting ,better looking dentures . They are so big . I can't even wear my bottoms at all. My dentist doesn't understand why they are so HUGE .i have tried every product out there. From sea bond to every paste and powder nothing works!!!!!! I drink more then I eat which seems to make my dentures loser. The only thing that helps a little Is I I use the polydent extra strength powder and the same in the paste I use them together and they stay for about 3 hrs. But I can't bit into anything I can't eat fruit or raw veggies that I love. Can't eat meat unless it's mush soup and carbs (that I don't need ) is the only stuff I can eat. The products also seem to make my lips raw and bleed. My husband say I look like I'm on drugs. I'm always taking my tounge and pushing them up . I also try and suck out the fluid that gets under them. Getting so feed up!!!!! Wish stuff work like they say it does on TV. . I would so like to eat an apple so bad. Those people probably don't even have dentures. And I'm also tried of whistling when I talk , is it ever going to get better.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Time to ask your dentist for a complete new set of dentures. Sometimes, "Save a penny....lose a dollar is true!" also..."what you pay is what you get!". It's good to economize but get a satisfaction guarantee first to make sure you receive the right product. The tooth where my upper denture used to anchor fell off but I don;t have the fund to have it fixed and it was always falling off. So I just tried using fixodent and surprisingly it works fine.  
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I'm going to Affordable Dentures as well (which I recently found are all owned by Corporate and not franchises) and have had good luck for the most part. They did do a hard reline and the mold shifted while they were curing, giving me 1 large front tooth instead of 2 front teeth. But that was the fault of the lab techs. I should have noticed it, but when I tried them on I was very sick and wasn't paying attention. For all I would have cared at that point they could have been Billy Bob teeth with fangs and I wouldn't have noticed!

If your bottoms are too big you need to demand that they do a hard reline (which actually uses your mouth to make the plate). Besides if you've had them 8 months, they should have done a hard reline by now anyway!

When it comes to adhesives, have you tried Secure? I personally have had a lot of luck with it, perhaps you may too.

And as far as the commercial with the lady eating the apple, that may be the funniest thing on the air! Lol
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Did they ever fix the front tooth situation,? that's awful. Those commercials are mostly lies. Better hopefully, perfect never.
I think you need to do two things. Pressure the first place to give you a decent fit
Also start saving to go to better place for a new set.
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I doubt that it will get better.  I, also went through the last year with the same problems!  I finally went to another dentist and am in the process of getting another pair.  Additionally, I have written a letter to my last dentist and asked for a refund.  Don't know how that will work out.  Good luck!
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Pam, that sounds like a very long, terrible road you have been on. We are so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, no amount of adhesive is going to make ill fitting dentures fit correctly. Also, you should never have to suffer with bleeding and raw lips! You may be having a reaction to one of the ingredients and may want to try a "free" or "natural" type of denture adhesive.

We agree that 8 months is a long time to not have a proper fit and alignment. We wish you the best and sincerely hope you are able to find another oral care professional to fix your issues. Hang in there!
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What products are "free" or "natural"?  My lips stay  raw all the time also.  So wish I could find out what the problem is.  My dentist has never heard of the problem???  Thanks for any info you can provide.
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Fixodent plus true feel is one example. According to fixodent it contains no zinc, added colors or flavor. I just bought a tube, but haven't tried it yet.

Hope this helps
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I've found that I have permanently chapped lips so have strategically placed a chapstick in every coat, purse, desk (work and home) and in the bathroom. I think it's partially due to salt water rinses but think there is more to it than that. I find that during the day my lips get dry and so does the inside of my mouth by my lips. I wonder if it is because the dentures block moisture from getting to that part of my mouth. I always have a glass of water with me now and that seems to help.
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I think part of it is also the adhesive sucking the moisture out of our mouths too!

Gina, I have a tube of Burts Bee's within reach no matter where I am!