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Hello Everyone: I'm new here and I'm extremely upset at my new uppers(full). On 3/04 my gen dds extracted what was left of my upper teeth. But he was the type that put permanents in instead of temps. So on that day I had my new forevers. Ever since day one, I needed to use some type of adhesive(and to this day). In fact, today was my first soft reline(dreadful tasting). After letting the goo cure for 12min, the dental tech(not the dds) had a hard time removing the dentures. She said it was because of the excess around the gums. Before any of this started, I said I had soreness in an area and she said the reline will cushion it. That was the first gripe I had. Right now I have no adhesive of any kind in and the upper is staying in, but it feels like a wet sponge when I bite down. And if I open my mouth fully, sometimes the denture drops, or it feels like it is hanging by a thread. It does not feel in anyway like a glove. It's loose. two hours after I came home, I tried to eat some soft chicken salad on half a piece of bread. That seemed to work ok. Then I tried to eat some bologna on half a piece of bread, and that was a disaster. Darn things pulled right out. I am so depressed that I'm considering not wearing them(but I won't do that). Now I have to go back to putting some type of adhesive back in? I was happier having just three teeth in my upper mouth. I thought this soft reline would allow me to be more free to do things. All this appointment has accomplished was to get me out of the house for 2.5hrs. All the dds&tech keep telling me is that you need time to get used to this, and the dentures were molded specifically to your mouth. I'm sick and tired of hearing that. How do I know that the dental lab didn't screw them up. The dentist never even saw me today. Sorry for the rant everyone, but this is just upsetting me so much. Many Thanks: Don
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Hi Don, please don't apologize for ranting - we all need to do it from time to time. I'm sorry to hear that your denture experience isn't going well so far. I know it's incredibly frustrating. Are you still experiencing gum soreness? If so, try rinsing with warm salt water... that may help a little.
While the dentist and his assistant were correct in that it will take some time to get used to, which is only natural, you shouldn't be experiencing such loose dentures. Your gums will continue to shrink and change, so don't hesitate to call your dentist about another adjustment. While a denture adhesive can help improve fit, it won't correct already ill-fitting dentures!

Hang in there - and keep us posted on how things continue to go for you!
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I've recently had a full lower denture put in and even though I had several great partials this is not the same its crooked teeth are different from each other gums are strangely different and its all rough finished ....is this regular ?
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Hello Don .... I know you're frustrated and I don't blame you... For the first month or so, ''soft relines'' will be done ... however, I found that sore spots can be eliminated by the dentist, and they'll grind down any pressure points inside the denture... even if you just saw the dentist ''yesterday'', call them back and get in for an adjustment... There is no need to be UNCOMFORTABLE...it can be FIXED! ''INSIST'' if you must for your comfort... Your gums are ''shrinking'' by the minute, so even the soft reline feels good only for a day or so, then they're loose...I used to get ''soft relines'' about every week for the first month or so... Don't get discouraged tho, it does get BETTER, I promise! That ''wet sponge'' feeling is the softness of your gum tissues.. It's the same feeling with my permanent dentures too... Eventually, where your teeth were removed, the gums will be smoother and you won't feel the ''sockets'' anymore either.. but you'll still feel the ''sponge'' effect since your gums are ''tissue'', not bones..

What I found was of great comfort to me was ''Cushion Grip''.. It's like a ''soft reline'', but it does NOT stick to the roof of your mouth, only the Denture!! It's sold at CVS Pharmacy, however it's cheaper to buy it from ''Amazon.com''... I used a total of 5 tubes, before I had ''impressions'' made for my permanent dentures, which are much ''thinner'' than temporary dentures... You can use ''Fixodent'' on top of Cushion Grip too... Cushion Grip is really easy to apply, once you get the hang of it... and it lasts 4-7 days before you need to replace it... For me, it was a ''Life Saver'' ... If you have sore spots, just add a little bit of Cushion Grip on that area, plus an extra dab of ''Fixodent''...until you see your dentist again...

Keep Updating too Don ... We've all been on this ''journey'' too.. and we're here to help you during this difficult period you're experiencing.... GOOD LUCK ''Don''...

''Dee in So. Cal''