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Ok. Here is my news... I seen the denturist. Yesterday morning. Took 2 sets of top dentures with me.
It was actually a dental lab. I recommend this... Ted. Thank you.
This man makes the dentures. He's not a dentist. But He is the go to person for denture problems.
It cost me $100.00.
My mouth is weird.
I have a big bone in the roof of my mouth, he says that's why I (me) can't get a good suction. I do not have bone loss according to him. But I'm still not going to do the implants. I had a very very bad reaction to bladder mesh, so I do not want any type of implant. Mesh is why I had to have my teeth pulled in the 1st place. He said if people could hang on to at least 1 tooth that would make a big difference.
I New to wear adhesive. I can live with that. Whatever he done it has worked so far. I'm just one day in, but it's so much better. My spit is not getting in the denture turning it to mush.
We talked about my blood pressure medicine, he says that could affect my tissues, I take 1 in am and 1 pm. I can tell my mouth changesthroughout the day. Your nerves can effect everything, i can tell if i get nervous my mouth goes crazy, I just want to chew and clinch down.
I hope i made some sense.
Theresa, find you a denturist.. don't fool with the DANG dentist. I won't anymore.

I also got my Densure fit in the mail today. (As promised) I've not done this yet. I will update again when I do.

If y'all have any questions about my visit let me know. I'll try to answer the best I can.
I appreciate all the support.
I don't have anybody to vent to.about dentures.. I still don't like having it. But it's much better than it was yesterday.
I can open my mouth and they not fall down.
Denturist or Dental lab is the way to go.
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Posted 3 years ago

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So happy for you I also use a Denturist way to go.
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EXACTLY WHY consumers should be FREE to go directly to the source!  
A Denture Lab or Denturist.
Do I have to go to a Podiatrist to buy a pair of shoes?
Nope... Melanie or I can buy them on eBay or Amazon!  :-)
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So right Ted.. so right.
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EBay and Amazon have EVERYTHING!!!! Lol ;-)