What is the best adhesive for dentures

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There really is no best denture adhesive. It's basically what works the best for you. Some like the creams or paste. Some prefer powders because their lightweight and for those people who have a good fitting denture. Now there's thermoplastic denture adhesives which is basically a liner imo and those work great because they're temporary, so if you don't want to wear it more than a week or so it's easy to remove unlike the actual liners that take some tugging and scraping your dentures to remove it. For me I like secure as a paste, it does have a slight tingle at first but seems to be the longest lasting paste. Then Fixodent regular with zinc is good, but causes some really dry mouth in me. Thermal stuff is great for extra cushion on those sore days that the denture just doesn't want to fit right. Plus suction is great with that. Powder can be used on the liner too. So it comes down to what type of denture you wear, how loose is the denture, are you a new denture wearer are you going through shrinkage. See it all just depends. I hope this helps
I've been fighting with my dentures for awhile and just got denied for mini implants, which I was counting on. I've been dealing with insecurities and I was hoping that the implants would be a fit, but now my dentist says I've lost to much bone.
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I like Secure, sold thru Swanson.com
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I've tried them all! Poligrip super hold is by far the best!!!!!

I can have teeth in for 2 days and it provides cushion. That Secure glue, is thin and doesn't cushion, plus didn't last half as long as Poligrip.

Powders are super thin, no cushion and wear off really fast..

And I'll go ahead and say this...if your sexually active, stick with Polident...if you don't want any accident....mine stay in for the duration of oral endeavors.....

Any questions just ask...wink wink..
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I am going to try Secure as I have had no luck with polygrip or fixadent especially for my bottom teeth,
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You would think they would be better out .. for those situations ;)
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Men have to do oral endeavors, and at world class levels, too and I was very good at it until getting two full sets of dentures. Now doing it with no dentures works like before and well appreciated by the partner. But, thanks for your tip. I will try it this week, gets me back to normal.
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Polygrip never worked for me. It always felt grainy. Concerning oral relations, once before my ex and I broke up. I tend to think that the suction from the thermal liner works the best for that. Teeth never fall down.
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I like OlivaFix Gold. It works great.
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I'm in Australia, and over here Secure is called Fittydent. Glad I found it as it worked out the best for me, and was the easiest to get the residue off my gums.

With both Polident and Sterident it seemed the adhesive was sticking more to my gums than the denture, and then when I took it out I'd have a lot of residue on my gums to try and clean off. With Fittydent (Secure) it seemed to adhere more to the denture than my gums so much less was left inside my mouth, and what was left came out pretty easy by just scraping with a toothbrush.
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Reline-It Denture Reliner Kit

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